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Descargar XBLA Unlocker 1.6

For those who don't know what it is: Imagine a nice looking Yaris Swap.

Updated 15/12/2009 – Have added updated Windows and Linux versions that now have a confirmation box, also fixed a bug where if there was a “.” in the folder name it would be skipped (Thanks Walhalla).

Updated: 14/12/2009 – Linux version now available. Functionality between Windows and Linux releases are identical. Linux release depends on Mono packages being installed but your package manager will take care of that.

Updated: 14/12/2009 – UI and functionality updates. Also added option to export a CSV file containing title and title ID. Please submit these files to this post so we can build a database of title ID’s.

Updated: 13/12/2009 – Add ability to view and save the game image – Right click on image to save.

XBLA Unlocker will unlock LIVE/PIRS files and enable them as the full version, these can only be played on modded Xbox’s running FreeBoot or XBReboot.

It will recursively scan a folder directory and patch all LIVE/PIRS files it finds.

I’ve tested and verified this works on over 80 Xbox Live Arcade games. Windows and Linux versions available.

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