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Descargar USB Loader v.01


This tool will let you run a .XEX in the root of an USB device without having to launch XeXLoader first.
For example, with it you can launch an alternative dash like the one based on the OXM Disc directly.

To use it, you must rename the default.xex to usb.xex in the root of USB device. Renaming the default.xex avoids having to disconnect the USB device when you restart the Xbox since there is no more default.xex in the root.

There are 2 ways to install the USB Loader:
1) Burn the ISO image on a CD. Launch it from your Xbox360 and USB Loader will be install automatically.
2) If you already have XeXLoader, copy the 00000001 directory in the genuine HDD to Content/0000000000000000/

Once the installation is done, USB Loader will be displayed in your Games Library.

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