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  • Añadido el: Dec 03 2009 13:15
  • Actualizado el: Dec 03 2009 13:15
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Descargar Xport 360 v2.12

* Support added for 250GB HDD
    * Undelete function added
      Vista x64 bit drivers for reading memory cards in Vista 64.
      Drivers are now signed too.
      Manual updated.
      Many compatibility issues (256mb memory cards, Xbox 1 memory cards, and more) fixed.
    * Adds support for some other 60gb drives
    * Fixes a file time stamp issue
    * Fixes a multiple file copy issue
    * Adds support for newer 64mb Xbox360 memory cards
    * Support for Datel 360 Micro SD memory card (any size - e.g 1/2/4/8/16/32 GB)
    * Added support for HDD`s that had had their sector 0 (MBR) overwritten by Windows
    * Fixes a bug where overwriting a file sometimes doesn’t free the space of the old file

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