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  • Añadido el: Oct 29 2009 11:45
  • Actualizado el: Oct 29 2009 11:45
  • Tamaño: 55.58K
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Descargar Xplorer360 0.9 beta 6 250GB Edition


The Good:
  * Drag and drop content to and from (inject/extract) confirmed working on both Partitions 2 and 3.

The Bad:
  * Do not use any sort of backup or restore image features with this patched version.
  * Do not use this version with 20, 60, or 120 gig drives.

The Details:
  * Changed the cluster chain length value to 00 08 39 at offset 0xF0C2.
The Credits:
  * roofus and anger for the original Xplorer360.
  * TheSpecialist for his details on getting it to work with 120gb drives.
  * xamp (me) for patching it to work on 250gb drives.

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