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Descargar HDL Patch GUI v0.8b

[color= rgb(25, 25, 25);font-size:16pt;]O[/color][color= rgb(255, 128, 39);font-size:11pt;]verview:[/color]

Created using sources from hdlpatch v0.8b, sjuncrunch, ps2-packer, and from patches posted in forums this app aims to be make it simpler to patch or update your HDLoader ELF file. You can use a previously unpacked retail ELF or the retail ELF of HDLoader v1.0 as a source. This is an all inclusive app, so no other apps are necessary.

[color= rgb(25, 25, 25);font-size:16pt;]F[/color][color= rgb(255, 128, 39);font-size:11pt;]eatures:[/color]

With this app you can:

ú Apply the patches,updates,customizations included in hdlpatch v0.8b (see official readme for details)

ú Apply the ToxicOS v0.2 Core patch (just for old school kicks)

ú Apply hard-coded UDMA or MDMA patches (old style, use the dma selector instead)

ú Apply various patches by CrazyC

ú Create a clean, decrypted HDL file

ú Extract resources from HDL (functionality of hdlpatch v0.8b)

ú Use the dumped HDLoader v1.0 retail ELF as a source for patching (not the ELF on the original disc, but the dumped, sjcrunched file)

ú Have your patched ELF be auto-packed when finished (ps2-packer)

ú View CRC32 and MD5 checksums of your source and patched files

ú Exchange .ini files with those less familiar with the entire process, making it super easy for the novice to apply updates to their HDL ELF

ú Keep track of successful/failed updating attempts thru a log file

ú Preview custom Splash and Main screens as defined by the user (bmp only)

[color= rgb(25, 25, 25);font-size:16pt;]T[/color][color= rgb(255, 128, 39);font-size:11pt;]hanks:[/color]

First and foremost thanks for the customization and many fixes to the original HDLoader goes to Zer0-X and CrazyC. Thanks for your time and expertise that has given the rest of the ps2 scene much more compatibility with HDLoader. Hopefully you guys aren't so burned out that you'll stop trying to find fixes for current and future games with issues.

Thanks to gvn for finding and sharing the child-proof patches.

Thanks to lonwern for his contributions and even for providing the public with the unofficial 0.7e patcher.

Thanks and appreciation goes to Dan Peori, Pixel and Graham Inggs for working on and releasing the source of sjuncrunch.

Thanks and appreciation goes to Pixel for your work on ps2-packer and for releasing the sources to the public.

Thanks to sjeep and anyone else who worked on HDLoader in the first place.

Thanks to Kyrax and slicer74 for providing the gui French Translation

Thanks to MoTTaFuKKa for providing the gui Danish Translation

Thanks to Monarworld for providing the gui Japanese Translation

gui history

v0.8b R2h:
added Spanish translation option thanks to suloku

v0.8b R2g:
added new God of War 2 patch by CrazyC (fileops2 patch)

v0.8b R2f:
added God of War 2 patch by CrazyC

v0.8b R2e:
added updated Japanese translation by Monarworld.
added complete Danish translation by MoTTaFuKKa.

v0.8b R2d:
added complete Japanese translation. thanks to haro for the tipoff

v0.8b R2c:
added partial Japanese translation thanks to athlonxp9800

fixed one more French translation and also the dual-error display issues

v0.8b R2b:
completed the rest (i think) of the French translations
thanks to Kyrax and slicer74

globalized texts for easier translation updates if anyone decides to do any other language.

other minor tweaks to code

v0.8b R2a:
added Danish translation for the gui thanks to MoTTaFuKKa.
completed some of the other French translations done by Kyrax.

v0.8b R2:
added French/English translation for the gui thanks to Kyrax.
(mostly complete)

rebuilt using code of v0.8b. (read official text files for changes)

added a slider for the DMA Selector Delay Speed setting.
(it's set to 2 as default)

v0.8a R2:
fixed some minor gui oversight (app name version)

added ability to custom select your own dma.ini file.
(note: this can be any .ini file. so you could have 'mydma.ini' or whatever. if no custom file is found then it will search for 'dma.ini' in the patcher's directory. if you're happy with the defaults, just tick the item and forget about selecting a file or anything else. this was only added for people who want more flexibility and like to tinker.)

what can i say except thanks a million to Zer0-X, CrazyC, and all the others who have done the hard work of not only finding and coding these patches, but also for sharing these findings with the ps2 community!

took out a few custom crazyc patches since they're incorporated into the main 0.8a patch.

left in (just in case someone still wants to use them) some old (U/M)DMA patching options as well as the ToxicOS v0.2 Core patch

added 2 buttons for manually loading and saving configuration files (note: active settings will still be saved in the default hdlpatch_gui.ini file when you exit the gui patcher)

added Zer0-X beta DMA-selector patch (beta 2)

got rid of the over-zealous warnings when checking the DMA selector option.
(the new patch should make it a lot safer anyway)

you can now copy the crc32 and md5 hash values of your patched elf by right-clicking in the area and select which one to copy.

added Zer0-X beta DMA-selector patch

internal fixes

added the ToxicOS v0.2 Core patch by Zer0-X (and i think crazyc). this was added for persons wanting to play splinter cell: pandora tomorrow which (i think) is not playable without this patch.

revised the gui by getting rid of the skinned look. all functions are now accessible at the bottom of the form. you must also check a box designating either an unpacked or original hdl file as your chosen source file. also got rid of any help forms that simply contained the original hdl patch help files. these files are now included as is. really no need to add a gui around text files ;)

added the HDD anti-spindown patch by crazyc

now has the ability to use an Original Retail HDL v1.0 file for any option you would use an Unpacked HDL file. In other words, there is no longer any 'unpacked only' functions. in case adding the v1.0 above causes any confusion... this means THE original HDL ELF released. there still is no support for any retail versions of HDL or HDA beyond the true original.

started this history ;)

fixed a bug spotted by paulodeleo where you had to select your HDL ELF under the "original ELF" box if you wanted to extract resources from your HDL file. extract resources states (Unpacked Only) but wasn't linked to the Unpacked ELF edit. this has been fixed.

moved DVD9 options back to the Core Patches tab. after all, they are part of the 0.7c core

bundled CrazyC's latest patches to one group in the Compatability Patches tab

moved Suikoden V patch to CrazyC patches group

renamed GetStat to FileOps to avoid confusion

added a patch by CrazyC that emulates using an alternate CDVDSTM.IRX file in original games. i'm not exactly sure what this is or does.

added an option to decrypt HDL with no patches being applied. this may be useful for someone if they need to work with a clean, unpatched version.

added CrazyC's FileOps patch

added CrazyC's Suikoden V patch

Nota: Incluye plantilla para poner en español.

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