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Descargar Betwiin v1.0

Betwiin, first public release, 8/2009
By bushing ( /

This here is betwiin, a NAND flash conversion tool for Wii NAND
images.  It can re-encrypt and re-HMAC the per-console unique parts of
a NAND dump from one Wii such that it will run on a second one, with
the following caveats:

1) The version of boot1 you flash to a NAND chip must match the
original one that shipped with that Wii.  No exceptions.

2) The version of boot2 must be equal to or greated than the one most
recently installed on that Wii.

3) No handling of bad blocks is performed; if your target NAND chip
has a bad block that hits an important file required for system
startup, I suggest you find a differente donor dump to start from.

This code is licensed to you under the terms of the GNU General Public
License, version 2, available at

This code represented many, many hours of hard work to generate, and
could not have been done without the help of segher, marcan and gray.
Per the GPL, you are free to use, modify and (in some cases)
redistribute it, but I won't refuse any PayPal donations to the above
email address, either. :)

Directions for use:

Copy input dump file to input/flash.bin.  Copy input keys to input/.
Copy output keys to output/.  Run, wait several minutes.
Take output file from output/nand.bin and use as appropriate.

For more information, see


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