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Descargar OpenKey v0.2

OpenKey -- An open source LiteOn 83850c key decrypter


OpenKey v0.2 released!

- Added an additional file validity check for matching barcode data in both
  inquiry and serial areas
- Added automatic .bin.key creation (prompts for overwrite confirmation if the
  file already exists)
- Added pretty hex display :)


OpenKey v0.1 released!

I just wanted to get a look at the super advanced crypto that goes into 83850c
but apparently Geremia is not sharing source code for FreeKey... so one thing
led to another and i ended up writing this little app while deciphering the
(actually quite disappointing) algorithm. Enjoy!

This is mainly provided for curious people and I can NOT guarantee that the
keys it gives you are correct (but it seems to work properly). Please don't
ask me for help with this application unless you are working on integrating
this functionality into JungleFlasher :)


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