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Descargar PS2 Menu v2.6

Hdd Loader/Copy/Manager
Adam Metcalf 2003/04
Thomas Hawcroft 2003/04

Version 2.6

PS2MENU is a Hard Drive project, born from mcbootloader and PS2 Independence MC loader, meant at start to offer hdd booting similar to that of dms3, on a no-mod or other ps2.

This program relies heavily on the PS2 libraries developed at amongst other sources. Much appreciation and thanks go to all those responsible, these include (in no particular order) Karmix, csh, Pukko, Oobles, Sjeep, Hiryu, MrBrown, adresd, Jum, and everybody else who has offered help, advice and inspiration on irc #ps2dev.

Left and Right : Navigate up or down by ten in the list of files/folders
Up and Down : Navigate up or down in the list of files/folders
Cross : Attempt to execute a file, or change current folder
Circle : Delete file or empty folder - prompts for confirmation
Square : Create folder - prompts for name
Tiangle : Select copy destination folder or copy highlighted file to destination
L1 : Switch active partition on HDD
R1 : Switch active device, HDD, host:(via ps2link), memory card and CD
L2 : Access configuration screen, for display options.
R2 : Informs if highlighted file is a valid PS2 executable (ELF), filesize.
START : Advanced functions, currently Rename and Advanced (recursive) copy.
SELECT : Display help

*To transfer files from host: you need a list similar to this in a text file 'elflist.txt'


"dir *.elf /b /s >elflist.txt" will create this. The program will look for this file in the folder ps2menu.elf was executed from.*

*Versions of PS2LINK 1.22+ support fioDopen which allows us to display directory from host: removing the need for elflist.txt. PS2MENU will use this extended mode if it is supported.

This being said, there are currently issues which are to be addressed, in the clients and the way Dopen/Dread and mainly Stat (used to determine directory flags of a file/folder) are implemented and used. What this means is that, at the moment, browsing folders on host: or using recursive copy from host: may not work. I have managed to patch my clients, both pksh and ps2client, to overcome these issues - however the fixes are not ideal and only apply to clients compiled and run using Cygwin.

Will boot from memory card (without copy from host support) If loading as the exploit, PS2MENU.ELF should be renamed to BOOT.ELF. Will also boot from CDR (with mod-chip) when in suitable PS2 format (beyond the scope of this document).

You can receive/read sources at
Version History

-First Release printed containts of APPS partion

-t0mb0la joined on and created a copy from host:

-t0mb0la added on screen keyboard, delete, and partion cycling

-Separated loader and menu for more compatibility. Boots from Memory Card Exploit (without host: device) and Confirmation to delete

1.0 Binary Release
-t0mb0la added nicer visuals, better loading compatibity, fakehost, iuntar, helpscreen and various other additions.

2.0 More Stable release, introduced sbv-patches to solve issues with loading IOP modules.

2.1 Reintroduce memory card device and added CD device. Added code from ps2link to reset IOP if the program is loaded from a CD.

2.2 Updated host: device to use fioDread if available

2.3 Replaced graphics library with libito, added configuration screen and PS2MENU.CNF on mc0:. Graphics resolution / centering / colors can be user configured.

2.4 Added extra pad testing to allow scrolling menu when button is held down.
Added recursive delete for folder on pfs0: or mc0:.
Added 'basic' nPort npo extraction, select an npo file to copy and menu will attempt to extract it to memory card.
Fixed bug where partition was left mounted at end of large file copy to PS2 hdd, causing subsequent hdd operations to fail.

2.5b Added drivers to support ps2netfs (ps2ip.irx, ps2smap.irx and ps2netfs.irx).
PS2 IP address, subnet and gateway determined from 'standard' IPCONFIG.DAT file in folder mc0:/SYS-CONF/IPCONFIG.DAT.
Changed pad START button to open advanced function menu, just Rename and Adv. Copy so far.
Rename only working on pfs0:, until I can make mcRename work!
Recursive copy of folder an all contents from pfs0:, host:, and mc0:

2.6b Recursive copy from cdfs: implemented.

2.6 This is intended binary release, to coincide with launch of umcdr, drop in replacement of cdfs.irx (drakonite) to support file data stored in cd-audio format; allowing users with an unmodified PS2 to burn their data to cdr (patched with drakonite's tools) and read them from cdfs: device on their console without having to resort to disc-swapping/poking knivesinto their PS2.

Please note, this is not for the purpose of loading copied games on your console, that will not work. The authors of PS2MENU distance themselves entirely from the world of warez and any illegal piracy.

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