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Descargar PES 2009 Plus v1.4.10

New Update:

Fix bugs reported so far, such as scoreboard working unnormal, rewriting port of codes, improving speed as well as strengthen stability, furthermore will add new filename support.
for example unnamed_1234.bin,you can rename it ,beckham_1234.bin,kaka_1234.bin,keep "_1234.bin" is not changed,that's ok


Use the pes2009plus to make it possible to change the names of the footballs, stadiums and the music, gamers can make the change by opening the football.xml,music.xml,stadium.xml in the catalog of the pes2009plus with the notebook.
There is no limit in using the team ‘other B’. Enable the team ‘other B’ to join the ML and BL mode freely. All the clubs can play in ML and BL.

Attention: Before the launch of this version, we found that 2 sound files(cs0d&rs0e) are not working,the problem will be solved in next version.

Plans for next version: Solve the problem of cs0d and rs0e. support unlimited faces and boots.

How to install:

Pes2009 plus v1.4.0.9 supports the direct use of the 'exe' file from the Pes2009 v1.4. There is no need to install an further files for this patch. All you need to do is extract the pack into the folder where the game was installed, then run the pes2009plus.exe.

   1. Make sure that your computer has installed the lastest version of PES2009 v1.4.
   2. Extract the pack to the folder where the game was installed, keep the pes2009plus.dll, pes2009.exe and the folder pes2009plus in the same folder.
   3. Create a folder under pes2009plus\img\ for the files '.img' such as cv06.img,cv0f.img....
   4. Paste all the bin files to the corresponding folders.
   5. Then run the pes2009plus.exe file to enter the game.

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