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Descargar PPFMaster 1.1

PPFMaster is a simple Applescript GUI wrapper around Paradogs' ApplyPPF and MakePPF3 binaries. It was designed for the Halo modding scene. Their tool, PPF-O-Matic, doesn't work for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, so ScotiaSoft Systems developed a simple tool to create and apply PPF patches.

The PPF system, or PlayStation Patch File system, is a cross-platform system for patching files. One downloads a (usually small) patch file, and then uses PPFMaster to apply that patch upon his or her files. The PPF system has support for undoing patches (if the patch creator so chooses) as well as verification (so one does not apply a patch to the wrong file).

For Mac OS X only.

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