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Descargar Loadstructor v1.3

Loadstructor - Easy Wii SD/USB Loader Channel Constructor v1.3
+cLoader  v1.0 - SD/USB Loader for Loadstructor

Hi there.

This application allows you to create game channels for your Wii to boot games via USB mass storage device. So you can run games directly from Wii's main menu without additional homebrew. Actually you don't need SD card to play games, you need it only to install channels. It's not my idea,
there is already another software for it, but my one is very simple, easy to use and configurable. You don't need to search for opening.bnr, etc. It's fully automatic, actually it just runs another tools, lol.

What you need:
1) "common-key.bin" in "temp" folder. Google for it!
2) MSC++ Redistributable installed, download it here: http://download.micr...credist_x86.exe
3) USB mass storage device with WBFS partition. Recommented to use WBFS Manager ( BTW, actually it can create channels, but without any settings.
4) ISO files of games.
5) WAD manager to install channels ( and Homebrew channel to run it (

How to use:
1) Install game on your USB mass storage device using WBFS manages or any USB loader.
2) Run this application.
3) Click "add ISO(s)" and select ISO files of installed games.
4) Select loader and check your settings.
5) You can test loader via WiFi before installation.
6) Select output folder.
7) Click "RUN".
8) You will get WAD files in output folder.
9) Copy this files to SD card and install via WAD manager.
10) Done. You can use shortcut channels now. If them are not working try another loader and turn on verbose mode for diagnostics.

About loaders:
Loadstructor is Crap compatible. So you can use any Crap's loader with it. But Loadstructor also has "VIDIT Patch" and extended "Video patch" settings for new loaders. So there is my own loader - cLoader.
I recommended you to use it.
- It's stable
- It can prevent HDD sleep
- It has built in menu to override default settings (hold B button), so you don't need to reinstall channel for temporary settings changing
- It supports advanced video mode selection
- etc

Speatial thanx to:
- Red Squirrel for his opening.bnr extractor
- Waninkoko for his loader
- Team Twiizers for Homebrew Channel
- AlexDP for WBFS Manager
- Luffy from for French translation

Send any suggestions and bugreports to

And sorry for my engrish :)

Best regards, Cluster

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