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Descargar CoverFloader v1.2a

1.2 is a bugfix-only release from the stable branch (no new features, just fixes)

1.2a is from the SVN branch which includes new features but may be less stable...

v1.2 (Stable)
* SDHC support fixed
* Improved cover loading speed
* Cheat downloads redirected to

v1.2a (2.0 SVN Path)
* OSK (OnScreen-Keyboard) (qwerty)
* used with dynamic paths
* used with cheat manager
* Method for alt.DOL from Image with autoselection implemented
* Method for alt.DOL from SD: / USB: implemented
* CoverFloader News Service (CFNS) (requires internet connection)
* CoverFloader NewsReader
* 2nd page for System Information (paths)
* dynamic paths for all CoverFloader files and directories on SD: and USB: (editable with OSK)
* additional support for USB-Devices
* support for the new game hooks (found in GeckoOS 1.9.2)
* cheat codes with variables are now editable
* SDHC support fixed
* Improved cover loading speed
* Improved cheat compatibility (codes per cheat raised to 100)
* Cheat downloads redirected to


Interface based on Coverflow with sleek graphic Cover layout customizable

Absolutely no need to edit manually configuration files or directories

Automatically downloads missing cover and disk art

Based on 1.5 waninkoko

System wide settings like

    * ocarina support

    * video mode patching

    * language mode selection

Per game settings

Possibility to add or remove games

Parental control


Requires HBC, cIOS 10.

   1. Extract .zip file
   2. Copy boot.dol to your usb loader folder (From HBC /apps/CoverFlow)
   3. Launch boot.dol via preferred method.


Game Select Controls

    * A - Select
    * B - When holding B, twist the wiimote to flip covers
    * 2 - Flip Cover when in 3D mode
    * 1 - Show version info
    * Hold 1 and press UP - Take screen shot
    * Right - Move covers right
    * Left - Move covers left
    * A+B+1+2 - Turn on/off parental controls (Hides delete/add buttons)

<b>Settings Controls</b>

    * A - Select
    * B - Back

<b>Thanks To:</b>
All at wiibrew scene
Waninkoko for doing the hard work



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