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Descargar Wasabi DX DVD Upgrade 3.0

Actualización para el modchip Wasabi DX de Wii. Review sobre su instalación y funcionamiento.



What's new in 3.0 ?

+ Added BCA fix (for games such as NSMB)

+ Since 2.0: Added Wasabi Zero mode
+ Since 1.2: Bugfix: Some original games (such as SMG, SSBB) gave an error message
             with previous firmwares. Problem is now fixed.
+ Since 1.2: Bugfix: Autoboot is now automatically disabled for SSBB
+ Since 1.1: Multi-game discs support
+ Since 1.1: Other bugfixes and improvements

Upgrade instructions :
Burn the ISO with your favorite tool, run it and follow the instructions!
Don't turn off your Wii in the programming phase. The last screen should be
a "Success!" screen. If there's any problem during flashing, you'll be able
to start again from the first screen.

Configuration instructions :
You don't need a disc to enter the Configuration Menu. Simply turn your Wii
off then on (this is a required step!) and press 3 times eject. A virtual
disc will appear after a few seconds. Note that currently the options are only
enabled on backup discs.

Wasabi Zero mode :
Since firmware 2.0 it's possible to use your Wasabi DX as a Wasabi Zero, either
by soldering 5 or 6 wires, or by using the Wasabi Solderless Adapter.
You must flash firmware 2.0 in DX mode, then you can install the chip following
Wasabi Zero instructions. Make sure you set the DIP switches as specified in
Wasabi Zero installation manual. You can use Wasabi Configuration Disc 1.4B to
change your settings, and any future Wasabi Zero upgrade will be compatible too.
It's possible to go back to Wasabi DX mode by re-installing the chip.

Solder points from left to right: GND, 3V3, A, B, F, solderless adapter, H, I, CLK

Recovery Mode :
In the unlikely event that the upgrade is not successful (if you turned off
your Wii too early for example), you must run upgrade again, but this time
you have to boot in "Recovery Mode" by turning on DIP switch 4. Be sure to
turn it off once you upgraded.

Acknowlegements :
Special thanks to the beta testers!

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