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Descargar WiiCR v0.3.2 rc6

Reproductor multimedia por streaming para Wii.


WiiCR created by Jacob Jarick (mem) is a media player solution for the Nintendo Wii. It acts as a streaming media server and is capable of transcoding nearly any video file to a suitable flv for an embedded flash player. It allows browsing of the remote filesystem to view: videos (avi/xvid/divx/mpeg/wmv/etc), text files, jpg's and play mp3s.


Changelog v0.3.2 rc6:

*  Zelda and Suba theme now use forms for lsdir (done by me)
    * Added some of ndessell's updates: ocean and wiipaper now use forms and have the following options heading lsdir output "add to favs", "add mp3s", "edit Playlist", "Clear Playlist".
    * incrementing <<count>> is available to dirs_body.tpl, playlist_body.tpl, favs_body.tpl, sc_search_body.tpl and drives_body.tpl for the purpose of allowing multi js functions with silimiar names, eg sumbitform<<count>>. This comes from ndessells patch which was slightly adjusted by myself.

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