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Descargar PES 2009 Editor v3.0

=  PES 2009 Editor [ PC & XBOX360 ] =

  Tool for PES2009 Option File [OF] editing.

   1. PC
   2. XBOX 360 [ WE supported too ]

   1. edit player name / abilities / motions etc. [ face & hair relink included ]
   2. edit team name / formation / chants / emblem slot / home stadium / squad numbers / fans & radar colors
   3. swap teams
   4. export and import data from another OF [ OF2, CSV, .Player & .Team files supported ]
   5. transfer players [ drag&drop included ]
   6. modify league and tournament names
   7. global adjustment for normal & special abilities / boots / injury / dribble style
   8. FM stats conversion

   1. installed .NET Framework    

XBOX users warnings:
   1. Read tutorial by -Panos- how to use Xploder Resigner in folder "..\utils\XBOX_checksum_tool" first!!!
   2. Do not import player/team exports (.PES09_Player and .PES09_Team files) from PC platform into your XBOX OF!!!
thanks to:
    krejik, seresak, pita007, vlada, skip-br, mosu90, compulison,
    SMcCutcheon, goldorakiller, FCH, Inas, seraph, GOAL, -Panos-
    Patros46, MxSoniC ... and anybody which I forgot ;-)
  Evo-Web thread: (english)
    http://forums.evo-we...ead.php?t=51073 thread: (czech),1072
  Say thanks if you like/use my work in your patch ;-)
  version 3.0
    - main and fm converter windows are sizeable
    - theming is optional ( enable/disable theming while the first run of editor )
    - some GUI changes and bugfixing
  version 2.9
    - added spider chart (attack, defence, stamina, power, technique, speed)
    - fixed bug with multiple team selection in 'global adjust'
    - added nationality & ability range into the 'global adjust'
    - added team import(export) from(to) CSV file
    - separator ( ',' or ';' ) and extension ( 'csv' or 'txt' ) of exports are optional now
    - added functions to auto-recognising and importing players from one OF to another (all, only stats or appearances etc.)
    - added relink for scaned faces (select face mode: 'scan' and slot number in edit player window)
    - added 'stats update by FM' for free agents
    - added 'update player's name only' function
    - some GUI changes

  version 2.8
    - added FM stats conversion adjustment
      a/ calcultaion:  Ability x A% + B
      b/ you can define different calculations for each position (CF, SS, etc.)
    - fixed bug with edit player window [if accessed by player overview window]
    - added functions "set skin colour" and "set face mode" for whole team (use context menu on the team)
    - added function "compare 2 players"
    - added support for radar color (thx MxSoniC for the research)
    - improved OF2 Import
    - updated flags.csv file
    - GUI improvements
  version 2.7
    - improved transfers into extra national teams
    - added function "add new players" (thx zioborgo for the tutorial)
    - fixed bug with player transfers & removing into/from extra teams
    - fixed saving
  version 2.6
    - fixed bug with special ability "Side" in XML import
    - added 3 new options into OF2 player import window [ only stats, only apperances, everything ]
    - improved global adjusting tab [ multiple selection of teams, min & max value, not equal to selected position etc. ]
    - added OF2 Import tab [ global import of boots, team names, chants etc. ]
    - "Player name" and "Shirt name" are editable directly from the main window [ generate shirt name function included ]
    - added support to import formation from OF2 into the edit team window
    - added some shortcuts [ Alt + ... ]
  version 2.5
    - fixed bug in player nationality [ in XBOX mode ]
    - improved team edit [ autosort, executors, save own formation etc. ]
    - more "intelligent" player removing [ free 'place' mostly replaced by player with same registered position ]
    - player marking [ during the drag&drop on team ]
    - added export to csv file into the player overview window
    - fixed bug with empty "Stronger Foot" after FM conversion
    - fixed bug with special face & nospecial hair
    - added export/import of chants setting for all teams
    - added new FM exports
    - other small improvements

  version 2.4
    - added support for XBOX 360 OF
    - fixed bug with weak foot in FM converter
    - added filter to the overview window
    - added support to open a player editing window from the overview window [use doubleclick]
    - added new FM exports by Patros46 (thx Goldorakiller for player heights & weights)
    - other small improvements

  version 2.3
    - enlarged main window
    - added boot relink
    - added random assign of boots, injury and dribble style into "Global adjust" tab
    - fixed a few small bugs
  version 2.2
    - fixed bug in import by .Player file
    - added player overview window (sort by abilities)
    - added support for CR7 feint & flip-flap
    - added check for shirt names (see "Global adjust" tab)
    - small changes in GUI & FM converter
  version 2.1
    - added support for extra national teams like Angola, Mali etc.
    - added filter "Duplicated by abilities" (compare players by 1-99 abilities)
    - added global adjustment for Injury and Dribble style
    - a lot of improvements in FM converter
      (added more player name modes, stats are much more accurate now, GKs without random values etc.)
    - fixed some bugs (like: FM export load when selected "use integer instead float", transfers to extra teams etc.)
    - a few GUI improvements
  version 2.0
    - added import/update stats function from FM Genie's export for national teams
    - added support for less players in national teams. Specify count in editor.exe.config file [min:16, max: 32]
    - added function "Erase" player
    - added support for multiple changes of player abilities (see example in "../utils/Example of tweak file" folder)
    - added support for "erase player" function (to enable: change key showErasePlayerMenu in editor.exe.config to true)
  version 1.9
    - added import/update stats function for whole team from FM Genie's export
    - added support for more players in national teams. Specify count in editor.exe.config file [min:23, max: 32]
    - player skin color is now editable
    - fixed 2 small bugs
    - added search function into import form
    - improved search function in main window (you can type ivan instead iv·n etc.)
  version 1.8
    - fixed bug in mod "Special" for player names
    - added support for 25 "extra CL teams"
    - added import/export player abilities from/to XML file (good for PES Stats Database comunity)
    - added flags(logos) relink
    - added chants relink (thx Tommsen ang Goldo for research on them)
    - added supporters colors relink (thx Inas for your help)
    - added support for Shirtnames in CSV files
    - other small improvements
  version 1.7
    - improved FM stats converter (thx SMcCutcheon)
      * added 2 ways how to load values from CSV file (see hint below)
      * improved calculations
      * FM stats are visible now
      * created 4 new FM exports (from version 9.02)
      * hint: if you have problem with FM converter:
        1/ enable "Use integer instead float..." option in tab "Settings"
        2/ click "Save" button
        3/ restart editor
    - improved import window (filtration by team is now working; shirt number is also imported from CSV)
    - improved face relinker window (improved face&hair loading; added filter for free faces or/and hairs)
    - fixed face size bug (for build faces)
    - added support for extra teams c01-c07 (extra national teams are not editable!)
    - added mod "Special" for player names into "Global adjust" tab
  version 1.6
    - improved axis resolution for player position on the pitch = no more players shifting after save in editor
    - improved FM stats converter
        a/ added support for height & weight (thx Goldorakiller)
        b/ changed reading of FM files - probably fix for people who have problem with converter
        c/ added utility for merging FM2009 exports with heights & weights (see merge.exe in ./utils folder)
    - fixed small bug if face type build was selected
    - corrected some spelling mistakes (thx Red_Phoenix)
  version 1.5
    - improved reckognizing of player nationality
    - added import/export for whole team (team name, numbers, formations etc.)
  version 1.4
    - added support for multiple import from CSV
    - added support for importing all players from selected folder (by .Player files)
    - improved facerelink and GUI
  version 1.3
    - fixed bug with player nationality
    - added support for transfers to ML default and Classic teams
    - some improvements of GUI
  version 1.2
    - fixed side bug
    - fixed transfers to national teams
    - import form allows to use special characters (”Ïä˯ etc.)
    - improved loading of CSV file (bug with side)

  version 1.1
    - fixed some bugs
  version 1.0
    - first released version

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