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Descargar SneGo!Vik (Mac + Windows)

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Enough! Stop eating yellow snow!

Dev Team and surprised us again with another masterpiece. The guys from the Dev Team have stressed themselves when  half of the world celebrated New Year and released the tool that was expected since the start of the iPhone 3G sales. Now the owners of American, British and other sim-locked foreign phones can get their turbo sims and throw them away as a useless litter. team implemented a simplified, one-click unlock option, which does not require the availability of the high-speed Internet or Wi-Fi. Their joint work is called SneGo!Vik (sN0w!man) Unlocking your iPhone takes several minutes with the sNow!man. In general, enough to chew the snow, it’s time to make the snowman.


Connect your jailbroken iPhone to the computer
Warning! This tool needs to be run only on sim-locked 3G iphone. Otherwise it will not work and don’t say you have not been warned.
Push the snowman (snowman may push you back).
Restart the iPhone. It will do a second restart once the tool is done automatically.

Much faster! Mucher easier!
Best wishes, gratitudes and other good things you can send to: Thanks to the Dev Team!

Windows XP/Vista/Seven x86 x64 + Framework 2.0+ or Mac OS X 10.5.x
iTunes 8.0.2+
Jailbroken iPhone 3G

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