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Descargar Prometeus Convert v0.9.8B

Prometeus by Dago^WATT  CopyLeft 2006. WATTks

Original PC versions:
CISO - Booster
DAX - Dark Alex
UMDsign - ?????
USBhostFS - TyRaNiD

Special Thanks To:
Ray^TRY for BigEndian fix,
RnKS for UB fix and icons (.dax / .cso),
existenz70 for app icon,
El Cuco, Jarle Berntsen, Mike Armour, Phil Winstone, Tinman, for testing.

* *
| Important! |
* *
| Download the libusb ! |
* *
| or |
* *

- Fixed again the PSX -> PAL bulid bug. (I tested 2 days, now, it works correctly) Sory for this
- After open ISO, you can force or not Game ID Number searching.
- Added PAL Ñ> NTSC converter

- Fixed PSX->PSP builder bug. (Some game crashed on PSP, now maybe not)
- Added GetISO function (You can save ISO from EBOOT.PBP)
- Added PatchIDs function (You can change name and ID of a game)

- PSX game compress support now added.
You can choose Copmressing level:
0 - no compressing
9 - highest level compressing
-Bug or not, no PSX policy before PSX logo. Maybe it cause the BG and TITLE pngs

- Fixed PSX -> PSP compatibility bug. Now it seems generate good EBOOT.PBP.
- 10 times faster PSX > PSP process !

- Scan, Show and Use original Game ID to build your PBP file.
You can add Game ID number manualy too.
Now, you can build PSX Multi Disks with the same Game ID number.

- Fixed PSX saves: No more Hot Shots Golf 2 save data in Saved Data Utility on PSP !
Open your image file. "Game Name" changes to your image file name. Change it if you want (max. 20 character allowed, longer will cut after 20. char ! Push ENTER !!).
Change PNGs, Push Start, Enjoy it! :-)

- Fixed PSX save game bug

- Fixed PSX->PSP Bug

- USBHostfs support only for DevHook. (It sends only the folowing files: .iso, .cso and .dax)

!!! libusb required !!! you can download from: or

- PSX -> PSP converter. It is not Popstation, it is more! You can use custom Icon (size must be: 144x80), Background (480x272) and Title (310x180) image files (.png) (Sample images included). Supported: .bin, .iso, .toast (not tested)

- Fix Input path problem. (The app didn't work correctly, if you had Space character(s) in path)

- New Name again (Prometeus),
- Change app state to Donate ware (No Limits).
- ISOgen support added. Now You can extract ISO and Delete / Replace files, finaly you can Generate a new PSP compatible ISO.
(I believe it is working on Intel too).
(The idea is not mine, I found it on a Forum. The app uses isoinfo, mkisofs and another system unix binaries. This is only a frontend GUI and more :-) ).
!!! Accent Characters not allowed in Path !!!

if you have some problem with ISOgen, please send me an e-mail to with subject ISOgen error. THX!

- You can open .dax / .cso files from finder.

- GUI not freezing while working ( You can Hide it, Minimize it, Switch back to App.)
- Not takes the all the resources and maybe faster compressing / decompressing.
- Show compressing rate in percent (only CISO).
- You can run simultaneously working processes.
- You can Stop working process.

- UMD sign added to app (BETA only).

- Full DAX Support
- Working Indicators
- New Options in Save Panel
- App Icon
- Fixed CSO Compressing Bug on PPC.

- DAX support
- UB fix
- New name (MacCISO-DAX)

- Some fix on GUI

- First release (MACISO), only supported CISO compress / decompress

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