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Descargar uLaunchELF 4.38


Unofficial LaunchELF releases by EP + dlanor + various contributors

LaunchELF v4.38 (2009.01.22)
-Fixed a bug affecting two of the timeout functions changed in v4.37
-Modified CDVD tray checking for browsing to cdfs:

LaunchELF v4.37 (2009.01.21)
-Changed VSync-based timeouts to use Timer() instead, to eliminate PAL/NTSC variations and cure an old bug causing uncontrolled button repeats
-Changed CDVD tray checking, to eliminate a case of FileBrowser freezing

LaunchELF v4.36 (2009.01.19)
-Fixed 'disc control' bugs in FileBrowser and JpgViewer browser
-Improved recognition of disc types, displayed in main menu. ESR discs are shown as "ESR DVD (off)" if ESR driver needs to be activated to access disc contents, but as "ESR DVD (on)" if no driver activation is needed (if already running, or when used with a modchip)
-Upgraded USBHDFSD of uLE to SVN rev 1516 by radad, fixing a bug in FAT16 usage

LaunchELF v4.35 (2009.01.17)
-Merged in the latest USBHDFSD version by radad (SVN rev 1513) to further improve compatibility

LaunchELF v4.34 (2009.01.13)
-Fixed some bugs that could sometimes prevent 'Left'/'Right' buttons from activating elf launches defined by user for those buttons
-Changed to use fioGetstat instead of fioDopen+fioDclose to scan for USB drives
-Restructured main menu event loop and centralized GUI screen redraws to it
-Changed from dynamic to static font buffer allocation (as it's always needed)
-Modified USBHDFSD to eliminate an irritating and unnecessary delay
-Added rom0:ROMVER content to "MISC/Debug Info" screen (shows PS2 bios version)

LaunchELF v4.33 (2009.01.12)
-Raised a debug constant which limited v4.32 USB_mass drives to 4 instead of 10
-Added a horizontal offset to the "About uLE" display

LaunchELF v4.32 (2009.01.11)
-Upgraded USBHDFSD to SVN rev 1503 by radad, which cures the bug causing large-file corruption in the previous uLE release, and also adds support for multiple partitions (each accessed as a separate mass?: drive) and extends the hotplugging limits (max 5 simultaneous devices with a total of max 10 partitions). Exceeding the limits will cause no harm, but the additional devices/partitions will not be accessible.
-Upgraded USBD to SVN rev 1494 by radad, making uLE "mass:" identical to that of old applications when using multiple USB drives in uLE.
-Improved MISC/PS2Disc subprogram to support launch of either DVD-Video disc or ESR-patched disc (but might not recognize disc type if a modchip is active)
-Added "ESR elf" entry to "Startup Settings..." configuration menu
NB: If no ESR elf has been configured a default of "mc:/BOOT/ESR.ELF" is used

LaunchELF v4.31 (2009.01.04)
-Added new "MISC/About uLE" subprogram, displaying a program credits screen
-Enhanced FileBrowser to support multiple hotplugged USB mass drives
-Upgraded usbhdfsd to SVN rev 1490 by radad, for multiple USB drive support. Note that this may require running the new "" script, for those who wish to compile uLE themselves. (Or use the new script "".)
-Fixed various issues with TextEditor (inability to insert CRLF at CRLF etc)
-Fixed a partition unmounting issue, that sometimes caused non-fatal failure of the TextEditor to show proper partition contents when browsing for a text file
NB: usbhdfsd rev 1490 is now known to have a bug in writing/deleting large files.


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