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Descargar Wii Gamecube Homebrew Loader v0.2

Mega Man:

Changes in Version 0.2
  # Support for front SD slot.
  # Gamecube disc should work normally.

    Background Information

    DOL loader is patched into MIOS. If Wii switches to Gamecube mode, the DOL loader is always started. The loader will start Gamecube homebrew if loaded by GCBooterHomebrew. The loader launches the normal GC loader if no homebrew is detected. This behaviour can be disabled by reinstalling a normal MIOS. I don’t have a Gamecube disc, so I don’t have tested it.

    Installation Steps
  # Copy “RVL-mios-v5.wad.out.wad” into root of front SD card (This file is not part of the archive and is located on certain Wii discs). If you use a different version, this is on your own risk. The MIOS patching wad installer will only allow to install MIOS. This can only break the GC mode. Loader should not patch any starlet code.
  # Patch MIOS using MIOSPatchingWADInstaller. CAUTION: I can’t test if Gamecube disc are still working, but it should work! When I use a Wii Disc in Gamecube mode, I can see the normal MIOS error message, which tells that the disc is not compatible.
  # Copy your Gamecube Homebrew DOL into SD root as start.dol. Use Wii front SD slot.
  # Launch GCBooterHomebrew. This should start the the DOL on the SD card. If screen looks strange, you need to try it again. It is sometimes not working.

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