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Descargar BenQ Un_Lock


This exe is a win32 app that sends the "Magic" 28 unlock codes to you Benq 360 drive. The drive and then be dumped/erase/flashed using dosflash32 by chipsets other than Via/Nforce and without all that powering on/off or soldering.

Be warned: This win32 program does not use the windows API. The exe writes directly to the ATA controller's I/O ports (which requires Geek Hideout's I/O dll, which I have included in the rarr). It also requires that you be using an ATA - SATA adapter to connect your 360 drive to your PC, or an SATA controller that has a legacy mode (try the BIOS setup options on your controller).

C4eva - for 28 magic keys and the CDB's to send them
Podger - for the code
Seventhson - for the userspace parallel ATA driver



Sends all unlock codes to benq

usage: Benq_Un_Lock command_base control_base [pio_mode]
command_base: base register of ATA command block in hex (e.g. 1F0 or 170)
control_base: base register of ATA control block in hex (e.g. 3F6 or 376)
legacy mode sata: command base = i/o from msinfo32, control base = command base + 0x0A (usually)
pio_mode: 16 or 32 (default: 32)


Benq_Un_Lock 1cc0 1cca

Command base register is the port you would generally get from iPrep
Control base register in the case of Via 6421 at least is (Command base register + 0x0A)

If you have trouble with 16-bit transfer, which you shouldn't, then you can try 32-bit PIO transfers, using the 3rd options parameter....

Msinfo32 does not mention the Control base register... However, a slax boot disk does.. If you are having problem figuring out the control base register try this.

1. Boot from your Slax 2.1 cd
2. login to Slax user/pass  root/toor
3. type: dmesg | grep sata 
	you should then see something like this:

	sata_via 0000:04:0b.0: version 2.0
	sata_via 0000:04:0b.0: routed to hard irq line 5
	ata5: SATA max UDMA/133 cmd 0x1CC0 ctl 0x1CCA bmdma 0x1CA0 irq 22
	ata6: SATA max UDMA/133 cmd 0x1CD0 ctl 0x1CDA bmdma 0x1CA8 irq 22

Line 3 is the first port in your card... line 4 is the second and so on...

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