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Descargar AnyRegion Changer v1.1


AnyRegion Changer v1.1
by tona


This program will let you edit any and all of the region information on your
Wii, and allow you to install System Menu 3.2 from any region if you so
desire. The setting changes are the result of a setting change library I've
been working on for a while called sysconf.c. The System Menu Installer
uses patchmii as a simple base for web installations. It also uses some
IOS patches (by bushing/waninkoko) in the event that the system menu
or IOS30 needs to be downgraded.

The setting changes are non-temporary, i.e. they persist after system
reboot. You should have the Homebrew Channel installed so you can
revert any changes pre or post reboot.


This software comes with NO WARRANTY WHATSOEVER. You may use this
software at your own risk. I can take no responsibility for any damage
caused by this application.

Please take note of the following:
-If setting.txt is corrupted for any reason, it is entirely possible that
  your Wii will no longer boot.
-If you change the GAME ("Game Region") setting, you may no longer be
  able to boot discs!
-Be careful not to change Video mode to a mode unsupported by your
-If you change your Country code, you will be unable to receive any
  pending gifts you have in the Wii Shop Channel. (The shop will also
  warn you of this)
-Setting the AREA setting ("Console Area Setting") to a different region
  than your System Menu WILL cause a Semi-Brick! If for some reason
  your System-Configured flag is unset (via some installation, or a
  corrupted SYSCONF) your system WILL become FULLY BRICKED.


To compile this, you will need libogc cvs with the patch in libogc_patches


Patchmii is licensed under the GPLv2, and as such a copy of the license is
included. The non-patchmii material is under a BSD-like license.


bushing, svpe, and everyone else for their wonderful work on patchmii.
marcan for the original conf.c
Waninkoko for his title_version check IOS patch, and for inspiring me to
do a better job.
crediar for adding ES_OpenTitleContent to libogc
Anyone brave enough to test for me. ChipD, SoraK05, crediar.
serlex, pcg, callmebob, and dieforit, who sent me some interesting setting.txt
And a shout out to SquidMan who fights many of the same fights I do.

Have fun guys ->

-Minor fix to sysconf lib (Should fix some -24578 errors)
-Changed Identification Routines
-Added System Menu Region detection
-Added intro screen/extra warnings

-Initial Release

© 2008 tona / the internet

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