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Descargar WiiMU v0.1a3

WiiMU v0.1a3

What's new

* Lots of stuff this release!
* Fixes the bug which caused certain users to not get channel lists.
* Adds a Save Manager which currently lists the save files. Copying currently does not work.
* Adds a configuration menu, which, at this current point only displays the configuration.
* Cleans up a lot of code.
* Lots of thanks to crediar, who worked on a lot of stuff while I was taking a break from the scene.

* Fixes a bug in which PAL users would be switched to NTSC
* (Hopefully) Fixes a bug which cause users of Firmwares other than 3.2U to not be able to grab the channel list.
* Adds a main menu.
* Adds a NAND Dumper (Thanks Redbird!)
* Adds some wiilight functions.

* First release.
* Uses Wiimote.
* Launches Channels through a text interface.

How to use

Move: Wiimote D-Pad.
Select: A.
Return: B.

What to look out for

If you can't get a list of channels, please:
* Tell me which firmware you are on.
* Give me a list of all the files in your /title/ directory.
* Give me a TMD from a subdirectory in /title/00010001/ directory.

What to come

* Eventually banner displaying (without the bricking problems)
* Music
* Other clean up stuff.


Huge thanks to crediar, who, as you may know if you visit #wiidev regularly, took over this project while I was
taking a break from the Wii Homebrew scene. I may consider him helping me more :)


Code:		SquidMan, crediar(Took over while I was away!), bushing, marcan, Mupen64GC Team (looked at their ISFS code for help), tona (also helped me with ES), Bool (code from the Wiilight demo), Redbird (NAND Dumper)
Graphics code:	Printf :P
HBC Icon:	LowLines (modified his WAD Manager Icon to just have the channels :P)
ReadMe Base:	DesktopMan. I just took his Tetris ReadMe and changed it, lol.

Thanks to

#wiibrew @ EFnet

Alex Marshall / SquidMan
SquidMan72@ [at} gmail

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