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Descargar PS3 Loaders v1.1 for IDA v5.2


PS3 ELF/SELF/PRX/SPRX PPU Loader v1.1 for IDA v5.2

:: Overview and Install


This will let you easily disassemble PS3 elf/self/prx/sprx files for the PPU.
SPU files are not supported and neither are encrypted PPU files.

:: Install

1) Copy "ps3.ldw" and "ps364.l64" and "ps3.xml" into your "ida\loaders" dir.

2) If you have not already installed the PPC-Altivec plugin it is highly
recommended to do so before using this loader as it will then support
the additional "altivec" instructions. (The altivec plugin is also
available from xorloser's site.)

:: Loading an PS3 File

Once the loaders have been "installed" you can load an PS3 file just as you
would any other file in IDA; you can drag and drop it onto IDA or choose "Open"
from the "File" menu.

If you tick the "Loading Options" checkbox on the IDA "Load a new file" dialog
it will ask if you would like to convert all executable sections to code.
This option isnt usually needed and so requires "ticking" to enable it.

:: Notes

* On slower computers it can take a while for the loading to complete and the
analysing to start. During this time it may appear like the loader has
crashed or frozen, but give it a couple of minutes before killing it in case
it is just working hard.

* When selecting to setup "Official Procedure Descriptors" (OPD) functions and
rtoc values the loader will take a lot more time than usual. However the result
will give you a much more useful disassembly to start looking through though.
So if you just want a quick look you might want to cancel OPD processing, but
if you plan to look at the disassembly in depth it is suggested to wait the
extra time. After all if you were to manually do the same processing that the
loader does for you it would take you forever! ->

* Analysing on bigger files such as the elf/prx files used for PS3 can take
some time, just let it do its thing. This is normal for IDA and is not a part
of this loader so cannot be sped up.

* The loaders have been compiled with the IDA v5.2 SDK and so should be used
with that version of IDA.

* Currently the loaders use the XML file "ps3.xml" to determine
the names of imported and exported function names as well as syscall names.
This can be edited in a text editor to add new import/export/syscall names.

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