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Descargar Dragon Media Player 0.16 Alpha

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DragonMedia Player 0.16 Alpha

This is a subset of what I would like to see in the finished product.  As of now, it does sequential and shuffle play, and it only allows for file playback of the below listed formats.  In the future, more file sources will be added, as well as more sound codecs.  Look at the theme file under default.xml, as well as the documentation for themes to understand how to customize the display.  Look at the xml file under the english langauge selection to see how to translate.  Any utf8 string is accepted as a translation, but it is your responsibility to ensure that it fits on screen.  Be careful when skinning as some things do not have a fallback and will exit you back to the menu if done wrong.  This will change in the future.

Support for loading files off of usb and sd card is included.  M3u and pls type playlists are supported.  Support for multiple tracks on emulated formats is done through the seek bar.  Press (+) or (-) while your cursor is over the seek bar to jump ahead or back one track.  Alternatively, you can drag to scroll to a new track.

To run, please use the HBC.  Make sure you copy the dmp folder under /apps/ as it expects all the data to be there.  If you set the directory structure up properly, it should run with the twilight hack as well.

(A) - Select/Activate/Etc on any control that has an action
(B) - Scroll on file browser
(-) - Quickly go up one directory on file browser
      Seek backwards five seconds/one song on seek bar
(+) - Seek forwards five seconds/one song on seek bar
(1) - Pause/Play currently selected file
(2) - Stop currently playing file
(<) - Previous file
(>) - Next file
(^) - Toggle random mode

Press home to get to the settings menu.

Audio Formats:
- flac
- mp1
- mp2/mpa
- mp3
- ogg
- wav

Tracked Formats:
- it
- mod
- s3m
- xm

Emulated Formats:
- ay
- gbs
- gym
- hes
- kss
- nsf
- sap
- sc68
- sid
- snd
- sndh
- spc
- vgm
- ym

Playlist Formats:
- m3u
- pls

- usb
- sd


0.16 Alpha
Added support for ym emulated files.
Added in support for changing menu text font.
Added repeat mode (sequential with loop around).
Changed ogg read size to support some files.
Fixed freeze with a few mp3s.
Fixed freeze with some sid files.

0.15 Alpha
Added sid playback support.
Added snd/sndh/sc68 playback support.
Added language file support.
Tweaked a few things to refine more.
Fixed memory leak in emulated support.
Location in filebrowser is preserved when browsing to subfolders.

0.14 Beta
Added ay/gbs/gym/hes/kss/nsf/sap/spc/vgm emulated support.
Sequential/random setting is preserved across skin changes.
Song highlight preserved across skin changes.
Fixed crash with usb keyboards and lan adapters.

0.13 Alpha 2
Fixed core dump on loading pls files.

0.13 Alpha
Added m3u/pls playlist support.
Fixed a few memory leaks (switching themes and playing songs should be more stable).
Fixed a few misc stability issues.

0.12 Alpha
Implemented read-ahead buffer to help with some choppy files on usb.
Fixed settings not getting saved if you don't change the theme name sometimes.

0.11 Alpha
Added load screen for impatient noobs.
Added ability to change themes from menu.
Added more options to home menu.
Integrated USB patches (no guarantee that it works).
Fixed 24bit flac support (note that SD card is the limit for playing back).
Settings now get saved from home menu.

0.1 Beta
Home menu is now functional.
Added random playback mode.
Added support for wav encapsulated mp3 files.
Added support for ogg flac files.

0.07 Alpha
Added flac support!
Fixed the reported crash with mp3's and weird xing headers.
Should no longer crash if you eject the SD while playing music.
Should not crash (now just exits to loader) if no menu background is present.

0.06 Alpha
Added ogg vorbis support!
Added utf-8 support (including japanese/chinese if you select a proper font).
Changed default font to Deja Vu (no licensing issues).
Fixed background image not moving with screen adjustment.
Fixed seek bar allowing seeking using (+) and (-) on unseekable file formats.

0.05 Alpha
Improved scrolling on file list and dragging of seek bar.
Added seeking via (+) and (-) while hovering over seek bar.
Added cursor hotspot adjustment.
Added optional flashing drive light to music.
Added optional icons to file browser.
Fixed FFT.

0.04 Alpha
Added in background image capability.
Added seek bar.
Added new hotkeys.  Left/right to select different songs.  (1) to play/pause, (2) to stop.
Changed directory enumeration method to speed up changing directories and fix large directory crash.
Fixed bug where scrolling would stop one file short of the bottom.
Fixed some text ignoring theme settings for color.
Fixed modules not starting from the beginning after hitting stop then play.

0.03 Alpha
Refactored some code for easier addition of new codecs.
Added mp3/mp2/mp1/mpa support (libmpg123 for better quality).

0.02 Alpha
Added mod/xm/it/s3m support (dumb + mikmod to combine best of both, more files supported).
File browser now scrolls with next/previous.
Sounds do not have first bit cut off anymore.

0.01 Alpha
Added scrolling support to the browser.
Added (-) support to go up a directory quickly.
Added sequential play ability.

Third Public Build
Vastly sped up text rendering.
Fixed more sound quirks.

Second Public Build
Added graphic eq meter.
Fixed some sound inconsistencies.

First Public Build
Lists directories and files on SD card.
Plays wav files.
Includes limited theme support.

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