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Descargar Custom Firmware 4.01 M33


4.01 M33

Instructions: Copy UPDATE folder /PSP/GAME/ and run.
Put the 4.01 sony update as 401.PBP in same folder, or let the program download it for you using a wifi connection.

- Bug fix: vshmenu didn't let change camera mode due to camera_plugin using select button.
Fixed, now vsh menu will not be loaded when using the camera.

- Recovery can now be translated, See how below. Translation to spanish is autoincluded.
- Updated the M33 SDK with a new function and sample, and released the psp-packer tool to
compress prx's and PBP's in the ~PSP format.

- The folder of 4.01 and highre homebrew will be GAME4XX so it won't need change on update.

Taanslating the recovery.
To translate the recovery create a text file in ms0:/seplugins/xx_recovery.txt
or flash1:/xx_recoery.txt (they are evaluated in that order), where xx is the language code
of your language:

es :) spanish
en :) english
fr :) french
de :) german
it :) italian
ja :) japanese
ko :) korean
nl :) netherlands
pt :) portuguese
ru :) russian
ch1 :) chinese simplified
ch2 :) chinese traditional

The file en_recovery.txt in translate folder is included for people to translate to their languages, this file is not needed for english people, as the english language is used when no language file is found.
Just change the english strings to your language ones, and put it in the path mentioned above. Be careful to check in the recovery that the lines look fine, don't use too large text.

The spanish file es_recovery.txt will be written by the program in the memory stick.

1.50 kernel addon for fat will be released this evening or this night.

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