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Descargar XDSL Linux v0.7 Beta


X-DSL is a small (currently about 50mb) but fully functional Linux distribution for the XBOX, based on Damn Small Linux (

X-DSL can be run as a live CD on a modded Xbox or installed to the Xbox hard drive. It will automatically boot into X Windows where you can use your Xbox controller to control the mouse pointer and a virtual keyboard to enter text.

X-DSL has fluxbox based desktop, with applications for a number of common tasks including

    * Mozilla Firefox web browser
    * AxY GTK+ graphical FTP Client
    * Sylpheed graphical email client
    * Naim console based AIM, ICQ, IRC
    * VNC and Remote Desktop clients
    * FLWriter word processor
    * Siag spreadsheet
    * Graphics editing and viewing using Xpaint and xzgv
    * Viewers for PDF, Word and Postscript files
    * emelFM file manager
    * XMMS audio player
    * Monkey web server
    * FTP server
    * SSH client/server

X-DSL can be customised using myDSL extensions with over 200 extensions currently available from the Damn Small Linux repository.

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