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WiiRd (Wii Remote debugger) is a remote memory modification application for the Nintendo Wii console. Right now for using it you’ll need a USBGecko as well as a copy of Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess for Wii to use it. However, if things go well, the final version of WiiRd (the current versions are internal development betas and not publically availible) will only require you to start Zelda TP once and it will be installed as a channel.

Here’s what you’ll have to do: insert the USBGecko to Gamecube Memory Card Slot B and connect the USBGecko to your PC USB port (long USB cable might be needed). You need a special loader (The Gecko Loader) you can download and you use the Twilight Exploit to start it. It will ask you to insert a game and send a start command from the PC. Once you’ve swapped and started the game WiiRd will be able to build up a fixed connection to the Nintendo Wii. From that point on, you can pause the game, dump and change memory, take screenshots directly from your hardware and do whatever you like - it is intended to allow you whatever you want with your Wii games.

WiiRd development versions are built for Windows 2000 or higher (XP/Vista) - beta tests already ran fine on Windows 98, please note however that WIndows 98 won’t be an officially supported platform - if you want to use it their - manage it on your own!

WiiRd also includes a cheating module which allows you to cheat on games like with an Action Replay for Gamecube and other platforms - please note however: We do not endorse online cheating.

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