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Descargar DS Extreme Updater v1.1.3



Preliminary steps prior to running this update:

1. Disconnect ANY Card readers or other USB Device like USB hubs; Extenders or devices that generally use a USB port except you keyboard and mouse. In case you have a USB modem, leave that on as you will need your Internet connection for this update. In case you own a HP machine you will need to physically remove the card reader from the machine.
2. Please use the cable supplied with the DS-Xtreme if possible and connect it to the back of your machine (avoid using the front USB ports are they do not function the same as the ones on the back)
3. It is advised that you use a machine that supports USB 2.0 (USB 1.0 and 1.1 will take a lot more time to update and in some cases will not work)
4. It is necessary to disable any type of Anti-Virus Software or other Security related applications before you attempt to run the updater. It is reported that some software may cause the updater to fail if not disabled.
5. Your Internet Service Provider must not force you to use a HTTP proxy as the updater will not work if a Proxy is required from your ISP.
6. Keep the DS-Xtreme connected to the PC at all times during the update. In some cases the updater will ask you to remove it. Only in this case you are to remove the cart during the update.
7. This updater is tested to work on Windows XP and Vista.

Update Steps for DS-Xtreme 4GBit and 16GBit:

1. Connect the DS-Xtreme to the PC (Back USB Port)
2. It is advised to backup all your *data from your DS-Xtreme to your PC
3. Right-Click on the DS-Xtreme drive and select Format. Select FAT32 as the file system, disable the “Quick Format” option and click Format.
4. Run the Updater and click the “Update” button. In this step you might be prompted to disconnect your DS-Xtreme from the USB cable. If you are prompted by the updater to remove the cart, then:

a. Remove the cable from the DS-Xtreme and press “Ok”.
b. Reconnect the DS-Xtreme to the USB cable and restart the updater tool by closing it and running it again.
c. Press the “Update” button and wait for the updater to finish.

5. Once the update has finished, you will be prompted that your cart is up to date. You must now close the Updater and remove your cart from the USB cable. You must remove it in this step and place it back in order to be able to copy your files back to the cart.
6. Download the SkinApps files from and extract the content to your DS-Xtreme. (Use WinRar from if you do not have an archive extractor utility)

* If you experienced file system corruptions, it is advised not to use files that you previously had on your DS-Xtreme. This is advised as in some cases your files may have been corrupted and may not perform as they should. Always prefer to use clean applications and media from a fresh source when you can.

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