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Descargar iLiberty+ Mac OS X (v1.51) & Windows (

Nueva aplicación, tanto para Windows como para Mac OS X, que permite el desbloqueo y liberación del iPhone e iPod Touch. La principal diferencia con el ZiPhone es que esta aplicación detecta automáticamente tu dispositivo y lo que necesita para dejarlo a punto, marcando automáticamente las opciones necesarias. El más sencillo todavía vaya.


Here it is, folks — iLibertyX! Combining the power of iLiberty+, with the ease and style of Mac OS X, we get the best single best jailbreak/unlock available today. Dive into iLibertyX to reveal its almost unlimited functionality.

With this sleek new GUI, you can choose exactly what you need to get the job done. Whether it be older jailbreaking methods for pre-1.1.4 phones, or setting your new phone free for the first time, you can do it all by simply checking a box. But that’s not all — iLibertyX also supports the new PB+J (pepijn’s boot and jailbreak). In other words, jailbreaking your new iPod Touch is now no more than plug and click.

You’re an iPhone/iPod Touch newbie? No problem! iLibertyX is not only powerful - it’s also intuitive. Launch it, and it automatically shuts down iTunes and detects which type of device is connected (iPhone or iPod Touch), and changes the settings accordingly. Plug and play has just been redefined.

iPlus + iLiberty = iLiberty+ - the safest and easiest way to jailbreak, unlock, and activate your iPhone or iPod Touch (of course, there’s no activation required for iPod Touch) - and now including a solution to fix the no EDGE/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth problem some have run into (applying mostly to previous ZiPhone users).

iLiberty+ brings all of the payload options of iPlus to a great GUI, with more options than you’ll know what to do with. Choose from the standard options, install a payload of fixes, or install a custom payload for even more packages! Say hello to freedom.

Version Mac OS X v1.51:

Full Feature List:

New tab setup for the new features, now it’s Main, Apps, Utilities and Device Info
Jailbreak (Installer comes by default)
Activation (Bypass iTunes)
Unlock (For use with any GSM carrier)
3.9FB unlock (To use the 3.9 Fake Blank bootloader)
Cydia Package Installer
BigBoss Recommended App Pack
crashx Recommended App Pack
Open SSH
Relocate Fonts and Ringtones
International Support Payload for 1.1.4
Reflash EDGE/WiFi/Bluetooth
Upgrade Bootloader from 3.9FB to 4.6
Baseband Info
Custom payload option
Device Info, with status and storage info
Built-in Help files, with links to internet resources
Advanced Menu, to enter Recovery, DFU, enable Re-Jailbreak, Logs, and delete payloads

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