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Descargar [PES2008 NTSC PS3] mrgametight option file

Option File creado por mrgametight para el PES2008 de PS3 versión NTSC (la americana).


As I have stated before this is my first crack at an option file. Needless to say it is very rough. I am sure there will be mistakes, but I wanted to get it out today to see what those mistakes were. I will release a more updated option file next friday with whatever i messed up hopefully fixed and a few more things added in. Here is what it includes now:

Players names fixed with real names
League/Cup/Stadium names fixed
Duplicate players taken out of national teams (not overwritten yet)
EPL kits fixed using in game editor
January transfers have been complete for all leagues in good detail except the League A & B teams.
Created the necessary players for the EPL to make sure January transfers are right.
Unlocked All Classic teams and the players associated with the European Championship, African Cup of Nations, and Asian Cup
Updated National kits that needed it
Closest stadium assigned to EPL teams
A few EPL appearances updated and changed
LEAGUE C still has 18 blank teams


Robbyearon (4 main club kits)
LordLaw (helping me find who to create for EPL transfers)
Paddyg91(for hairstyle updates and a few appearances)
Dignan (for allowing me to use his appearances that he so expertly did)
And anyone else who helped who I forgot


Download the file
Unzip the "PS3.RAR" file which should leave a "PS3" folder
Plug your USB pen (or similar product) into your PC, Open your USB pen
Copy the PS3 Folder and all its contents onto the USB pen
Plug the USB pen into your PS3
Switch on PS3, log in to your screen name as normal, scroll along to "GAME"
Press "UP" once to "SAVED DATA UTILITY" and press "X"
Delete all previous saved data for PES2008 from your PS3
Scroll to your "USB DEVICE" and press "X"
All Kits and the EDIT DATA file should appear
Scroll to each individual file and click "TRIANGLE", Select "COPY" and press "X"
Once each file has been copied the file is ready to go.


THIS IS MY FINAL UPDATE. Perfect Form will be taking the file over from here.

UPDATES MADE: Unlocked all classic teams and updated to their real names
Some more appearances done
Fixed Italy national squad
Fixed minor errors that you guys reported
8 kits scanned in are: ARSENAL(home and away), LIVERPOOL(home and away), CHELSEA (Home), MANCHESTER UNITED(Home and Away), WESTHAM(home)

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