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Descargar NME Associator v0.3b

Team Underdog:

NME-360 aSSociator v0.3b

What is it?

The NME-360 aSSociator prepares a clean ISO or converts an Xtreme iso to make it bootable with your NME-360 modded Xbox360 by placing the security sector to the correct offset.

why is it?

in order to boot a backup on your Xbox360 it must be equipped with the unique security sector of this very game. This security sector needs to be merged to a specific offset of the iso.

MS is required for this application tool to work. download it here:;DisplayLang=en

How does it work?

SS Merging:

Hit the "MERGE" Tab

- Select your clean ISO
- select your security sector (.bin) file
- hit the "CREATE" button and your iso will be prepared

Converting XTreme ISO to NME-360 format:

Hit the "CONVERT" Tab

- Select your XTreme ISO
- hit the "CONVERT" button and your iso will be prepared

Extracing Security Sector from XTreme ISO:

Hit the "EXTRACT SS" Tab

- Select your XTreme ISO
- Click the button "Extract & Save Security Sector"
- select destination and filename of your SS and click "Save"

We hope we could make your life a lot easier with this tool.

More features are to follow.

Never forget - piracy kills the industry. If you like the game, buy the original!

... same for modchips. If you like the product, stay genuine!

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