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Descargar [PES2008 PC] PES Revolution OF 2008


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Dear friends of PES Revolution Ofs, dear Evo Web users!

Finally the time has come. You have been waiting for this moment for a long time, now it’s time to say:

Let's get ready to ruummmmmmmmmmmmmbleeeeeeeee!

The PES Revolution OF enters a new, all-dominant stage. It tries to conquer a seemingly impregnable rival called ‘Next-Gen’ and to put it in their place. Days, weeks, even months of rehabilitation training passed – many believed us to be dead. But now we are there – ready to lead off the fight in the second half of the season.

What features the PES Revolution OF?

** All 18 teams were created and are playable in the ML
** Bundesliga replaces Eredivisie (Eredivisie complies with Other Teams C)
** Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV replace Bayern Munich, PES- and WE United and are thus playable in the Masterleague

** CSKA, Shaktar Donezk and RB Salzburg were created and are located in Other Teams C

** all transfers of all teams were executed
** all important and missing transfers (about 100 to 150) were done

** the Revolution OF offers the probably biggest stat update of all OF’s with about 400 stats of respectable stat makers like PLF or Red Phoenix

** many faces of respectable face makers (e.g. Rapid Vienna or Mike_G_2k) insert
** countless unpublished and exclusive for the PES Revolution OF created faces
** in the OF hidden preset faces relinked

** classic players replaced by young talent, what is more fun in the ML
** classic national team were replaced by the particular U21 teams
** growth types were adjusted to some extent to bring about more fun in the ML

** a especially for the OF edited kitserver, as well as a logopatch allow an all-purpose use of the OF with every patch!

** all team and player names corrected
** structure of important teams adjusted: ordered by first eleven and positions
** formations fixed to some extent
** radar colours fixed (Bundesliga only)

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Megaupload - Link
Speedyshare - Link
Rapidshare - Link

Kitserver: http://www.dekazeta....amp;showfile=38


OF Tutorial:
1. download the PES Revolution OF 2008
2. unzip 'PES Revolution OF 2008.rar'
3. copy/paste the files in your save folder in My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2008\save / or create a new 'save'-folder if you don't want to delete your old files
4. make sure that the folder's name is 'save'

Kitserver Tutorial:
1. now download the Kitserver
2. unzip 'kitserver.rar'
3. copy/paste the kitserver in your Pro Evolution 2008 folder
4. open 'setup.exe' and select 'install' in order to install all original kits

Logopatch Tutorial:
1. download the logopatch in order to have the right logos for the right teams
2. unzip 'Teamembleme.rar'
3. copy/paste the folder in your Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 folder
4. open AFS Explorer (V. 3.7.1 download [url=[/url])
5. file -> import AFS file
6. select search for 'All files'
7. open your 'cv_0.img' in your img folder
8. action -> import folder
9. search for the Teamembleme folder and import it
10. accept the appearing messeges with yes and ok
11. name the new created AFS 'newpatch' and again select 'All files' to save the new ASF
12. when the AFS file is generated you'll get another messege which you accept with ok
13. it starts importing the logos. when it's done click on ok
14. accept the next question with yes and it starts to load the new AFS file
15. when it finished loading you can close the AFS explorer
16. go back to your Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 folder and rename your old 'cv_0.img' e.g. into 'cv_0backup.img'
17. now also rename your 'newpatch' into 'cv_0.img' (don't leave out the '.img'!) and try it in-game. if the game runs and there are no bugs, you can now delete your backup (you don't have to, of course)


* Heui
* Mariner
* Basti90
* Jox
* derhasi
* Tsubasa
* hitman
* Der Zehner
* Red Phoenix
* Rapid Vienna
* Mike_G_2k
and many more…

The PES Revolution Edit-team wishes you a lot of fun with our OF!

PES Revolution – Enjoy it!

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