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Descargar DSFTP v2.6

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Bjoern Giesler:

DSFTP is a full-fledged FTP server, with the additional ability to boot .nds files directly from the FTP prompt (currently only tested on SuperCard CF and SD, but should work on most).

DSFTP is a stand-alone program that you can use to run a FTP server on your DS. It is also a software component that makes it easy for you to add an FTP server to your own program with a couple lines of code. With this, you can speed up the build process radically, because you can upload the new version of your program to your own running program, and reboot it immediately. This can even be automated via the command line. No swapping of flash cards ever again! Please refer to the Development section of this document for a quick introduction.

The downloadable archive contains the following:

The compiled .nds and .ds.gba files of the stand-alone DSFTP server
The library and headers for the DSFTP software component
Full documentation in PDF and RTF format
The full source code for the stand-alone server program, as an example for how to use the software component


Version 2.6 Changes:
Fixed hangs on some hardware combinations
Fixed bug which caused directory contents not to be reported correctly
Introduced new config option transferblocksize

Version 2.5 Changes:
Upgraded to devkitpro 21, so linking to libDSFTP should work now.
Uses DSWifi 0.34, so people with newer DS Lites should have no problems.
Uses libfat instead of gba_nds_fat, which should be more stable.
Uses DSGUI for graphics and file-system interface.

Version 2.4.1Changes:
Updated to use DSWifi 0.3d, which fixes problems with newer-hardware DS lites.

Version 2.4 Changes:
The FAT driver has been upgraded to chishm's DLDI file system driver interface.
The precompiled version comes with Supercard CF driver installed. No other interfaces will be supported any more. If you have a different flash card, please patch the DSFTP binary yourself.

Version 2.3 Changes:
UNZP added (submitted by Bertrand Augereau)
DS->PC file transfer speeded up a lot (patch to DSWifi submitted by masscat)
Linked with Devkit R18 again (fixes some showstopper bugs)
More bugfixes
For older news, see the documentation.

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