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Descargar RS Psar Dumper v2.2

Red Squirrel:

RS Psar Dumper is a "derivated" from classical Psar Dumper (last version of which was released by HelldashX).
Its functions are the same of classical Psar Dumper (so dump Firmware from an Official Udpater Eboot), but it's more! Infact this version has a user interface full of colors, more interactive and especially it has the new important function to make a dump of Firmware directly on PC, without using Memory Stick!
Infact this Homebrew has a USBHostfs connection function with a PC, so the program can read eboot directly from Hard Disk (that is a good profit because new Sony Updater Eboots weigh also more than 20Mb!) and it can also dump the Firmware directly on PC, so Memory Stick is NEVER used during the process!

Attention: HelldashX prxs violate Sony Copyright, so they are deleted from my homebrew (that now uses old prxs by M33).
To make RSPsar Dumper compatible with 3.80 and 3.90 Eboot you have to use HelldashX's prxs (take pspdecrypt.prx from HelldashX's 3.80 Psar Dumper release and put them in RS Folder overwriting existing pspdecrypt.prx).
Note: If you use HX prxs, you have to be conscious that you're violating Sony Copytights!!!

What is the effective profit?
1. Well, first of all homebrew does not require free space on Memory Stick (that can be full too!)
2. You spare time because you do not need to copy files betwenn PC and Memory Stick!
3. Extracting and Dumping process require a very smaller time!
An example? Look to this my little "experiment":

3.71 firmware dumping from the Official Updater Eboot

Technical data:
Eboot of 22,5Mb (biggest released from Sony!).
Memory Stick used: Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo 2GB (that released with PSP pack!).
Process used: the most "onerous", so PSAR loading with extraction e decrompression of the Firmware (SQUARE key in the homebrew)

-"Classical" process executed on Memory Stick: about 90 seconds of waiting...
-"New" process executed on PC Hard Disk through USBHOSTFS: about 25 seconds of waiting...

Using new USBHOSTFS function you can gain more than one minute!
And then I do not calculate great times necessary to copy eboot from PC to Memory Stick, times that with USBHOSTFS are void!

-Increased the available buffer to allow the CORRECT extraction of the 3.90 Firmware from Official Updater Eboot.
-Now the 3.90F Firmware can be extracted perfectly
-Only X and O functions will work without problems, the SQUARE function (extract and decrypt of ALL files) works fine but ends with and error when search for reboot.bin!

-Fixed all license violation of the release
-Added source code to respect GPL license
-Deleted HelldashX prxs that violated Sony Copyrights

-Possibility to extract and decrypt files from the 3.80 Officiale Updater Eboot.
-Added an exe file to make easier installing the homebrew on PSP with CF 3.80M33

-same features of classical PsarDumper (extraction of Firmware files from an Official Updater EbooT)
-Menù full of colors and more interactive
-Add a new function to exit from the homebrew without forcedly do something (using SELECT key).
-Add a function to activate/disactivate USBHOSTFS connection.
-If USBHOSTFS connection is acctivated, program will show an advise in the case where PSP is not connected to PC or Usbhostfs.exe is not running on PC.
-If eboot is not found, PSP will show an error (and NOT will crash!).
-Program has 2 language files: if PSP language is set on Italian, homebrew will load Italian interface, otherwise it will load English one.
-Homebrew will read the nickname set in PSP.
-If RS folder is not found, program will end without crash.
-Add a usefull Windows Program to install easier the Homebrew on PSP.

Insert eboot.pbp to decompress in the root of Memory Stick.
Insert homebrew folder RSPsarDumper in the PSP directory: /PSP/GAME37x
Insert folder called RS in the root of MemroY Stick
Make sure from Recovery mode that kernel is 3.xx
Start the homebrew from PSP under the menù Game -> Memory Stick

Insert eboot.pbp to decompress in the same folder where Usbhostfs.exe is
Insert homebrew folder RSPsarDumper in the PSP directory: /PSP/GAME37x
Insert folder called RS in the root of MemroY Stick
Make sure from Recovery mode that kernel is 3.xx
Start the homebrew from PSP under the menù Game -> Memory Stick

In both the cases will be created a folder called DUMP in the same directory where the Eboot (to decompress) is.
When process will end, in DUMP folder you will can find Firmware files extracted from the Offical Updater Eboot chosen.

To PspPet, C+D, Dark_Alex, M33 and all past PSAR Dumper programmers.
To Team M33 (and so Dark_Alex) to have released Psar Dumper source code.
To HelldashX for 3.80 Psar Dumper.
To me for 3.90 compatibility.
To Italy, because It gives me the desire to continue and to live my life...
To my girlfriend, because she is the only that believe in me.

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