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Descargar Open Source Pandora Battery Tool v0.52


Open Source Pandora Battery Tool 0.52 <- for SE/OE/M33/Des.Cem homebrew enabled kernels


Note: after the initial confirmation, there are _NO_ OTHERS!

see bottom for changelog

Allows the same options as the original Pandora tool:

service mode writes a serial 0xFFFFFFFF to the battery eeprom (inserting the battery will power on and wait for a proper MS)

auto boot mode writes a serial 0x00000000 to the battery eeprom (inserting the battery will power on and boot the firmware)

dummy normal writes a serial 0x12345678 to the battery eeprom (the battery will work normally)

backup eeprom reads the battery eeprom to a file "eeprom.bin" in the root of a MS

restore eeprom if a file "eeprom.bin" is present, it will attempt to write it to the batteries eeprom

additional option:

Flash only serial from ms0:/eeprom.bin (0x########)

######## is the serial from the dump

will flash only the serial number found in the dump. Best option instead of restoring the entire dump.

With the first byte of a dump being [0], and the serial being 0x12345678 (for hex editing)

[14] = 0x34

[15] = 0x12

[18] = 0x78

[19] = 0x56

May not work with all batteries.



Use whatever method you'd normally use to run homebrew under 3.xx or 2.xx OE/SE/M33 kernels on your PSP.


-put the folder "ospbt_xx" (with eboot and prx) into /PSP/GAME371

-run it from the PSP MS menu.


-put the contents of the elf folder (.elf and .prx) into the ms0:/elf

-run with jas0nuk's elf menu (possibly outdated version can be found here:

known issues:


-when writing a full battery eeprom.bin file to a battery, errors may occur. Redumps may show differences from the dump being written.

-when no eeprom.bin file is present on the MS, the option to write the file to a battery will intentionally be grayed out.

-only relevant options are listed and available with any given battery.

-after the intial confirmation, there are NO OTHERS!

No warranties expressed or implied. GPL is included with the source, source modifications should be published with rebuilds.



- Chilly Willy for releasing source to his apps (3.xx examples), and for the key waiting routines used in this app

- nem for sharing the battery syscon prototypes on ps2dev (BIG thanks!)

- Everyone involved with Prometheus for creating and releasing the Pandora project (including but not limited to Noobz)

- M33 for enabling homebrew on the kernel I tested this on

- Dark_Alex for proving CFW was possible, then going 1000 steps further

- Everyone behind the forums and toolchains at <- without them this stuff just... wouldn't be.

- SilverSpring for your never ending patience with me, for the reversed NVM routines, and the true NVM NID name.

- whomever it was who scared everyone into not testing the battery creators with slim batteries. You were wrong. It works fine

if you only write the serial.

- my father for always encouraging me to go on, rest in peace.

- anyone else I may have forgotten.......

version history:


0.52- fixed misc. syscon error handling (previously only handled battery not present error)

0.5 - updated to work with all current custom firmwares (at this point 3.80m33 is the most recent), elf also tested under des.cem V3

0.4 - by reqest (Mandingo@maxconsole) when eeprom file is present it will now display the serial from the dump on the option line

0.3 - tested as working on a slim battery

- added option to restore only the serial from a dump instead of the full dump

- added an elf folder for use with jas0nuk's elf menu (put both the elf and prx into ms:/elf/ folder)

0.2 - updated to support 3.71 syscon NIDs, should work under every SE/OE/M33 version to date.

0.1 - initial release, confirmed working in 3.52m33 and 3.60m33(slim) with PSP-1000 type batteries

If anyone feels I have abused the privelidges of their source releases, let me know and I will try to rectify it.


cory1492 @ gmail . com

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