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Descargar SD-Boot v0.3

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- Compatability Increased greatly (possibly a slight loss of stability though)
- Recoded the SD card reads (patch codes)
- Fixed file browser
- Fixed the issue of sector finding
- Fixed build process

v0.2 bugfix 4
- Large Speedup (I assumed 32mhz was being used but only 16mhz was!)
- Added in the 0.1 video setup again (choose autodetect)
- Changed back to seeks to sector 0 instead of drive status

v0.2 bugfix 3
- removed re-init of the SD card
- added sector size check
- added video mode selection
- removed IGR to gain speed
- removed readid patch, not needed
- changed seeks to sector 0 with drive status

v0.2 bugfix 2
- improved gcm selection (shouldnt hang) - TESTED NOW
- fixed ntsc users!

v0.2 bugfix
- removed game banner display (buggy)
- improved gcm selection (shouldnt hang)

- Added IGR
- Improved speed slightly
- Fixed NTSC/PAL Issues
- SLOTA/B releases
- Display game banner

A program which lets you run homebrew and legally created GC backups via SDgecko.

Put .GCM files in a directory called GCGAMES on the root of your SD card.
Boot up the .dol file however you want.
Pop the SD card in slot B
Select a file and enjoy


- A Gamecube or a Wii
and one or more of the following
- PSO+BBA (for GC dudes)
- Action Replay + SD CARD
- Modchip

Source: Included.

Thanks to:
gc-linux sd code for simple methods on how to use the sd gecko
brakk3n for the backdrop
everyone at tehskeen for the emulators and their sources
libOGC devs for libOGC

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