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Descargar Memento V1.2e

Software que, instalado en la Memor32, permite cargar backups y juegos de importación en PS2 sin necesidad de modchip, cog-swap ni nada más.


New Memento Firmware V1.2e!
This is just a polishing version to fix and finish some issues we still had open before we release the V1.3 version with HDD and USB-HDD support!
Test it and if you find any issue let us know it!

Main Features added to this release:

- Fixed stupid last-minute bug which caused failed boot on some games.

All games that were reported as not-working are now booting correctly.

- Added DVD-DL suport for some games (like Champions of Norahh,

Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Remix). This is still to be considered a

beta feature and will be fixed completely in the next firmware release.

- Fixed DEV1/Dev3 on some PS2 versions (some models had issues,

everything should be fixed now).

- Fixed Browser boot on some PS2 models, now disk will boot from

browser on all PS2 Models.

- Added MEMENTO LOGO during dvd and DEV boot modes.

This is still a work in progress and some features still needs to be tuned-up. If something doesn't work correctly just let us know and it will be promptly fixed in the next few days.

Have Fun, spread the word!

There is more to come.


memento @

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