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Descargar PesComplete Database Editor v0.5.1 beta



If u don't have .NET Framework 2.0 installed , install the one in the directory (if you downloaded full package)
Run setup.exe

*FOR UPDATES* - Just remove from Add/Remove Programs "PesComplete Editor" , and install the new one
Open your OF (MyDocuments/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2008/save)
Each time you modify something at a player click "Save New Data"
Save your OF when finished (be careful loading takes some good seconds)


You can't open another option file , while one is opened., you have to exit application.  *FIXED*
Special characthers don't show OK
Player basic position change to GK  *FIXED*
Some wrong nationalities (For ex Cape Verde insted of China, and viceversa)

Don't forget this is a BETA , so any bug u find report it on evo-web or at

Author: mosu
Helped (From Evo-Web) skip-br, lplover2k,Inas,ninuzzu ;
Others : Ariel Santarelli, zeltera,Nrby and all others i forgot

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