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Descargar [PES2008 PS2] Big Boss Option File v2.5

Big Boss:

Hey everyone, this should my last and final update of the file for a long while, i think u will find it is now really as good as it can get, and im looking forward to finally really getting to play with it now myself :lol:

New in V2.5:

-More faces by Jose11 for some of the big teams.
-Many new National Team kits made by *MJ2K* (this inlcudes all the newest kits for teams like Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Ghana, Ivory Coast etc.)
-Also alot of the Sponsor Logo's and NT logo's are now even better thanx to *MJ2K*
-New kits for Zenit, CSKA and Shakhtar, made by *johnj201*
-New kits for the Under-21 teams by *johnj201* (they now look the same as kits of the senior NT)
-A small Ligue 1 update by Dreek
-Poland NT update by *Karroll* (faces, formation)
-Portuguese teams Sporting, Porto and Benfica now fully uptodate, thanx to JTMachado for letting me use them of his file
-And some more missing players created, couple of new transfers done, and reported errors fixed.

V2.0 Inlcudes:

-Ehikada's 8Ball Mix OF as the base (so it has everything that was in that file inc. the under-21 teams and many created players from all over the world, they replace all the classic players that were in the game)
-All January Transfers (inc. many newly created players)
-Updated EPL Faces (By Jose11, all credit for these goes to him)
-Ligue 1 Huge Update (inc. faces, stats and formations) Made by Dreek

Im always interested to hear any found mistakes, or ideas to implement in the file ->

File wouldn't have been possible without the following people:

-Compulsion (for his wonderfull PesFan Editor)
-Dragonskin (for making the PesFan file)
-Mike and Milanista (for their amazing PES6 File, wich helped me loads) Team (for the Bundesliga kits)
-PesFan Editing section Guys (like Rapid Vienna, Eeeeeduh, Basti90 and more, for their Bundesliga apps)
-Dreek (Ligue 1 work)
-Davide (Serie A players and formations)
-johnj201 (under-21 and some other kits)
-MJ2K (NT team kits and logo's)

Some Pics of the EPL kits:

http%3a%2f/   http%3a%2f/ http%3a%2f/ http%3a%2f/  http%3a%2f/

Old versions

V0.1 Includes:

-Real Stadium Names
-EPL Kits and Emblems
-Transfers Done (no created players though)
-All fake names corrected and no more duplicates (no pes-shop/classic players)
-Some things unlocked in PES-Shop (no classic teams/players) and 40000 points.

New in V0.5:

-Real names for All Classic and PES-Shop players
-Created players for many teams
-Emblems for all Bundesliga teams and Shaktar, CSKA Moscow and Zenit St. Petersburg.
-PES-Shop players and NT players transfered to their correct teams (the ones just mentioned)
-German NT kits

New in V0.6:

-New base for the file, The PesFan V1 OF.
-All names now in "lower case" and not in "CAPS" like before.
-Many spelling errors from PesFan V1 corrected
-All National Team kits (made by Dragonskin of PesFan)
-Real players created for CSKA Moscow, Zenit St. Petersburg and Shakhtar Donetsk (Only Stats!!! No Faces and Kits yet!!!)

New in V0.7:
-Commentary names are back again
-All kits for all Bundesliga teams
-6 Completed Bundesliga teams, with stats and apps for all players: (Dortmund, Leverkusen, Hamburg, Schalke, Stuttgart and Werder Bremen)
-3 Completed Extra teams with with kits, stats and apps (Shaktar Donetsk, CSKA Moscow, Zenit St. Petersburg)
-More playername and shirtname errors corrected

V1.0 Includes:

-Base File: PesFan V1
-Lower Case Names (no more CAPS)
-All correct names
-No duplicate players
-Player Call names are back on
-All shirt names corrected
-Real Stadium names
-All transfers done
-Many created missing players
-All National Team kits
-Full Premier League (Kits and Emblems)
-Full Bundesliga (Kits and Emblems, and Faces for ALL players)
-3 Extra teams: CSKA Moscow, Zenit St. Petersburg and Shakhtar Donetsk (with all Kits, Players and Emblems)
-Updated Formations for many club-teams
-Updated Rosters and Formations for many National Teams
-Unlocked in PES-Shop: All Active players, Stadiums, Both ML options, and 40.000 Points so u can unlock whatever else u want.

New in V1.5:

-Fully created Slavia Prague and Steaua Bucharest (they replace River Plate and Internacional)
-New Away & GK Away kits for Werder Bremen (the previous ones were too similar to the Home kits)
-More created players
-Preset faces used where possible (mainly in Bundesliga)
-Boca Juniors players are now in the game as Free Agents (so available in ML)
-Bug where some created players cost 5000 points in ML has been fixed
-All the "Player A1, A2 etc" left in the game have lowered stats, so cpu teams will never buy them in ML
-All other reported errors for version V1 have been fixed
-Improved National Team Kits (by konami_rules)

Formatos: XPORT, MAX Drive y BIN/CUE.

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