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Descargar 360Drive Switcher v1.0.1.4

Soulheaven, has released a new tool that allows you to prepare a firmware for a new drive on your Xbox 360.

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How it works:
1. You dump the two drives firmwares you want to swap.
2. You hack the firmware of the drive you want to use.
3. Launch 360Drive_switcher and set it like this:
+ The firmware of the drive you don't want to use anymore in the "Original firmware file"
+ The firmware of the drive you want to use in "Destination firmware file"
4. Check the informations that the tool gives you
5. Click on "Generate..."

Now, you have just to flash the new firmware created on the drive you want to use...and have fun.

What's new/fixed in v1.0.1.14:
* fixed some small bugs
* more explicit error message if you try to load a totally corrupted firmware
* Auto-update feature added
* Important: After several tests, it looks like the ixtreme v1.2revC patch doesn't work correctly with spoofed firmwares. The spoof line isn't fully imported in the ixtreme firmware. That can result in an error66 or error65. To void any errors, if you're spoofing a drive (either using this software of Firmware Tool Box), do it AFTER the iXtreme patch.

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