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Descargar PES/OEDIT Converter 2008 v1.0

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You need Oedit 3D Editor by Arushan. Version OEdit 0.2a (b40);showfile=260


- First go to options and setup the oedit path (this is only needed the first time you run POC).
- Then browse for the bin file (face). After click on "PES to OEDIT" Button.
- Oedit will be opened and it will show you the face.

- Face textures .dds and .bmp will be included in the same folder of your bin.
- If the bin file is called face10.bin textures files will be named and face10.bin.bmp
- You can choose not to export textures by unchecking export texture.

- Once in Oedit to load the face texture go to TEXTURE menu and click on MANAGE TEXTURE. Load the bmp file placed in the same folder that your bin.
- After you have made the changes you want go to FILE menu and SAVE.
- Close Oedit.

-Under the OEDIT TO PES button you will find two options : .dds or .bmp. The one checked will be imported.
-If you try to check .bmp you will notice that you are not able to do it. This is because alpha channel is missing.
-To create the alpha channel just go to POC OPTIONS Menu and select OPEN DDS WITH GC3.
-Check out in your taskbar for GC3 application. In GC3 go to FILE menu and select SAVE AS ALPHA CHANNEL.
If file name is face.bin save it as face.bin_a ( extension will be bmp )
So in your bin folder there will be :
- face.bin
- face.bin.bmp
- face.bin.a_bmp
Now you can check .bmp and import it.

-Now click on OEDIT To PES button of POC.
-Finally import the bin file to the AFS file using AFS Explorer.

Credits :
Authors: Ariel Santarelli and Skunk
Co-producer, Product Marketing: Xavier Baez
Graphic Converter 3 by Tomofumi Ishida from http://homepage1.nif.../warehouse.html

Dedicated to the memory of David (nbmdave)

Dedicated to the memory of my grandmother Lucy.

Konami for another fantastic game.

Thank God for giving us health to dedicate our time to do the stuff we like!

The Gamingaccess Staff

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