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Descargar Wiizle Diizle Shiizle v1.2

WDS_TOOL Release Note:

What is Wiizle Diizle Shizzle?

		This One is a small PC Application for Wii-Backups. 
		It's a "Multi" in One Tool... For Patching GameRegion (JAP, US, PAL),
		to prevent of DVD-Updates, Categorize your Games in your local Database.

		Game Database:
		Every opened Game will be saved in a lokal Database for your Games.
		So you you can see your GameList, view Gamedetails, edit Gamedetails, add Comments and Rate your Games

		Language Tool:
		With this Tool you can create or edit WDS-Lanuguage-Files easily!


Changes VERSION 1.2: 


		- Tools Menu added
		- Language Tool added
		- Game Database Tool added

Changes VERSION 1.1:


		- Language Bugs fixed.
		- some GUI and Control Bugs fixed

		Region Patch:

		- RegionCode displayed in Hex
		Update Patch:

		- Detects Updates (colored)
		- Detects Update Region (colored)
		- writes new Header (SPORTS PACK for REVOLUTION - Patch)
		- algorithm changed. (a little bit slower but surely)
		- GUI will not freeze while patching.


Features VERSION 1.0:


		- Different Languages supported
		- Only one Button Click to Patch the Game

		Region Patch:

		- Detects already Patched Backups
		- overwrites Region Code (16 Bytes) and the RegionByte
		Update Patch:

		- Detects Updates
		- Detects Update Region
		- Deletes Updates completly
		- writes new Header (SPORTS PACK for REVOLUTION - Patch)
		- Fast writing algorithm.

Known Problems:

		- Metroid Prime 3 (Update) and Games which checks for special FW Version.
		- Windows Vista: The "Patch Both" Button won't work on Vista

Future of Wiizle Diizle Shiizle:

		- Detecting Multi-Updates
		- If Multi-Update on Backup.. WDS-Tool will take the correct one
		- try to Patch an Backup without deleting header Parts (changing offset)
		- Detecting Update Version!

		- improved failure detection

Other Notes:

		- This one is no professionally Software... its "Homemade", some Kind of Hobby-Project!!!
		  So Use this Tool at your own Risk. The Author is not responsible for any malfunctions. 
		  (If Games still try to do an Update, press "No" or shut down your Console WITHOUT Updating)

		- Please use this Tool only for legal Backups!!! (You have to own the Original Game)

		- Developed with: Visual Studio 2005 (VB)
		- OS: Windows XP Version 2002 (Service Pack 2)
		- used .Net v2

		*** You Need DotNet Version 2 (.Net v2) to Run this Tool ***
		***	 You must install it before you can use WDS	   ***


CREATED BY *** Misanthrope *** 2007

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