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Descargar Custom Firmware 3.60 M33 for PSP Slim


We are proud to present the first custom firmware for the PSP Slim, and the first custom firmware

that runs using a 3.XX IPL (3.60)

3.60 M33 for PSP Slim has all the features of 3.52 M33, except the 1.50 kernel support, as

that kernel doesn't work properly on psp slim (hardware problems, screen problems).

3.60 M33 will load homebrew from GAME, GAME150 and GAME360 directories, but all will be executed

with 3.60 kernel.

This mean that some homebrews done specifically for the 1.50 kernel cannot work on 3.60 M33.

However, the adaptation of code to 2.XX+ kernels is not difficult, and homebrew developers can

port their aplications to work in these firmwares.

Included with the release is the M33 sdk for programmers.


The instalation is done using pandora battery and requires a fat psp with 1.50 or

custom firmware with 1.50 support to run a installer.

However once the memory stick installation is done, you can use it in whatever psp slim without

repeating the process again.

We want to thank C+D Team for having created Pandora and having opened the path to custom ipl's,

without which this cfw wouldn't exist.


- Create a pandora battery and a pandora memory stick using the C+D team tools.

- Run the fat psp with the pandora memory stick inserted, but with a normal battery.

Copy the directories pandora_slim and pandora_slim% to PSP/GAME or PSP/GAME150.

- Download official sony firmwares 3.40 and 3.50, and put them in pandora_slim directory

with names 340.PBP and 350.PBP.

To avoid confussion: These firmwares are used ONLY to extend the memory stick pandora kernel.


- Run the program. It will quickly extract some prx's overwrting some of the pandora memory stick.

- Insert the pandora battery and the memory stick in the psp slim. It will boot. You won't see

anything on the screen, because that kernel doesn't support the slim screen, but it is OK, you

don't need a screen for the installation of 3.60 M33.

From here, you have 3 options:

- Press X to install M33. The process will last just few seconds, since the installer only

needs to install the M33 custom prx's and IPL. After the process is finished, the installer

will shutdown the psp automatically.

- Press L+R+triangle to uninstall M33 and go back to original 3.60. Note: this can't unbrick a

psp slim, it will just remove M33 ipl. There is currently no unbricker for the psp slim, but

we plan on doing one in the future.

After uninstallation, psp will be shutdown automatically.

- Press square to dump the PSP Slim nand. Watch out: you need 66 MB of free space in the

memory stick for this, otherwise your memory stick may end corrupted.

This option uses the team C+D nand dumper. When the memory stick orange led stops blinking,

the process will have finished, and you can either shutdown the psp, or use one of the two

previous options.


Q: My homebrew doesn't work.

A: as stated above, not all homebrews work due to 1.50 kernel missing.

Wait for the programmer of that homebrew to port it to new kernels.

Q: How can i unbrick the PSP Slim?

A: if you have a semi-brick, you can restore it using recovery and flashing the corrupted files

with usb flash. There is no real unbricker for PSP Slim yet, but we plan of doing one in the

future using C+D Pandora Battery.

Q: is M33 gonna make a 3.60 cfw for the fat psp's?

A: The firmware as it is flashed in the slim psp's is only for psp slims. Whenever sony releases

an updater, we'll support both, fat and slim psp's, but we are not gonna make a custom firmware

using 3.60 slim dump, because it is not done for the fat psp. Stop listening stupid rumors of kids:

we are 103% sure that Sony will continue releasing firmware updates for all psp's.

Moreover, the 3.60 firmware was done before 3.52: the pops, for example, is a clone of the one of 3.50/3.51

So it has nothing new for fat psp's.

Q: I liked the FW, what can I do to help M33?

A: You can contribute some money for all our members to get PSP Slims. Our paypal address is

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