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Descargar PegaSwitch

An exploit toolkit for the Nintendo Switch

  • Install the latest version of node from

  • Clone this repository

  • Run npm install
  • Ensure port 53, 80, and 8100 are open on the computer running pegaswitch.

  • Start pegaswitch with sudo node start.js

  • Configure your Switch DNS settings to point to the IP of your computer.

  • Run a connection test to trigger the Captive Portal. (Likewise, going into an update page will do the same.)

  • STRONG SUGGESTION: If this is your first time running PegaSwitch on a new console, run the command evalfile usefulscripts/SetupNew.js to set up useful settings.

API documentation for SploitCore is automatically generated using jsdoc comments.

You can find the latest version of documentation hosted here

To view locally: npm run docs:serve then visit http://localhost:4001

To generate to docs folder: npm run docs:generate


DNS responds with incorrect IP address
You can override the IP address that pegaswitch responds with by passing an --ip argument to the node start.js command.


sudo node start.js --ip
Windows support
The full curses interface on Windows is supported using WSL only. We will not provide support for native cmd.exe as it lacks necessary functionality.

You can, however, use --disable-curses and write the debug log out to a file for ing.


ISC. See attached file.

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