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## UniformParemeter Builder, v1.0
## Copyright: zlac, 2017
## Originally released: Evo-Web forums

The purpose of UniformParameter Builder is to create UniformParameter.bin file for PES 2018 (PC).

UniformParameter.bin lists the configurations of all the kits that are available to the game.
Therefore it MUST contain .bin config file of every kit accessible in the game - both for
unlicensed kits (such as 0_DEF_1st.bin) and licensed kits (such as 101_DEF_1st_realUni.bin,
101_CL_1st_realUni.bin, etc.)

How to use this tool in the process of adding kits to the game

1. Preparation stage
1.1. Extract all the deafult Konami files containing kit config files. These files can be found
in dt34_g4.cpk in main Data folder. You don't need to keep entire archive, only the folder
tree which leads to the "team" folder (common/character0/model/character/uniform/team) and
its subfolders. Keep it anywhere on your disk drive.

1.2. When new data packs will be released, you'll additionaly have to extract every kit config file
from the data pack (the same "team" folder) and paste it over "team" folder from 1.1. - in order
to update old configs with new versions and/or to add completely new configs released by Konami.

1.3. Repeat the step 1.2 for EVERY data pack that is going to be released - for example, if now there
were three data packs already available, this would be the correct order.
- extract from Data Pack 1 and overwrite central your "team" folder
- extract from Data Pack 2 and overwrite central your "team" folder
- extract from Data Pack 3 and overwrite central your "team" folder

When you do all that, you have extracted entire kit config collection into a single directory tree.
Let's call the "team" folder of the "common/character0/model/character/uniform/team" path the
"Central team folder".

2. Kit addition/modification stage
2.1. Use existing kit config tools to edit configs, name config files appropriately and when done,
copy your new or modified .bin files into the appropriate subfolder of the "Central team folder"

- e.g. you want to add 4th kit for Arsenal - prepare the file 101_DEF_4th_realUni.bin and copy it
   into the "101" subfolder of the "Central team folder"

2.2. VERY IMPORTANT: Keep the "Central team folder" clean and tidy - UniformParameter Builder does not
make any checks if the files present in the "Central team folder" are valid files or some sort of

a) do not keep multiple copies of the same .bin file using slightly different names

- e.g. do not keep 101_DEF_1st_realUni.bin and 101_DEF_1st_realUni_backup.bin in the 101 subfolder.
  Although some precautions were made within the tool, it is still possible that multiple copies
  may slip through in the final UniformParameter.bin if such copies exist anywhere in the "Central
  team folder"

b) do not keep both licensed and licensed versions of the .bin file

- e.g. if you license Man Utd, then do not keep both 100_DEF_1st.bin and 100_DEF_1st_realUni.bin anywhere
  in the "Central team folder". Delete the unlicensed 100_DEF_1st.bin and keep only the licensed
  100_DEF_1st_realUni.bin. The same logic applies for all ManUtd kits - 2nd, 3rd, ..., GK and CL kits

- e.g. if you want to unlicense Arsenal, add 101_DEF_1st_.bin file and then delete 101_DEF_1st_realUni.bin
  Again, repeat the procedure for Arsenal's 2nd, 3rd, etc. kit

BOTTOM LINE: You need to have only one version of .bin config file for every kit of every team in "Central team folder".
And yes - the necessity of being tidy, neat and organized could be perceived as pain in the ass sometimes. But ultimately,
it is for the best. Not everything that concerns modding can be done with 2 or 3 clicks ;)

3. Building the final UniformParemeter.bin file
Once you've made all the modifications to the kit configs and put everything in the right place within the "Central
team folder", there finally comes the time to use UniformParameter Building.

Start the tool and simply drag "Central team folder" (the "team" folder in the "common/character0/model/character/uniform/team"
path) over the green merging arrow image. Each and every .bin config file from the "Central team folder" will be glued together
into a single file, UniformParemeter.bin

When the process is over, you'll find two versions of the UniformParemeter.bin IN THE SAME FOLDER where the tool's .exe file
is located.
a) uncompressed version, UniformParameter.bin - for easier manual hex-editing
b) compressed (zlibbed) version zlibbed_UniformParameter.bin - ready to be included in your mods

4. Occasional rebuilding of the UniformParemeter.bin file
Repeat the step 3. every time you make any changes to the external .bin config files. As far as we know right now, external
.bin configs and the contents of UniformParemeter.bin file need to be in perfect sync for game to reliably recognize your
Changes that are made only to the external config .bins probably won't be registered by the game because UniformParemeter.bin
has priority.

5. What to do with the existing EDIT00000000 file?
This is not completely clear right now, but deleting the existing EDIT00000000 may be required for game to recognize additional kits
or the (un)licensig changes. Yeah, life sucks sometimes.

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