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Descargar PES 2017 PS4 DFL OF 1.1

– FULL BUNDESLIGA (emblems, kits, complete squads, manager, stadiums)
– FULL PREMIER LEAGUE, LA LIGA, SERIE B and LIGA NOS (emblems, kits, squads)
– ALL EMBLEMS for Championship other teams


This sunday.
More player faces for bundesliga, missing players, corrected some player name and add missing players.

– Drag “WEPES” to your usb drive
– In editor go to data management, import, import teams, select 15-20 exports and cross none of the both choices (or you’ll lose transfers!)
– save everything and import the next 15-20 (game crashes when importing to much at once)
– AGAIN import ONLY bundesliga teams a second time! with a cross at the second choice “players and squads”

If the game crashes on a specific team try importing it seperately.

IF you have “._koln.bin” like files DONT IMPORT THEM, it’s a common issue when using a mac.

– Bundesliga Creation Thread Faces!
– Paul2478 for some Stats, PSD for some stats
– wehk Serie B and Championship Emblems/exports
– erzo77 Liga NOS exports
– Kits by angeltorero, 4N63L and Friends

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