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Descargar Loadiine GX2 0.1

 still don't know he TitleID6 !
If you don't know the titleID but don't care about the game cover, you can use a random TitleID6, or just use [XXXXXX]
How to host loadiine GX2 on a local webserver?
There's a tutorial on the "ultimate wiiu guide" stiky thread.
Do I need Super Smash Bros for WiiU? 
Most game should work fine when launched using MiiMaker mode.
Few games will need SSB original game disc to launch. You can check the compatibility list on wiki.
Does it load game from USB ?
No. Only SD card.
Can I use any name for the SD card?
You can't name it "wiiu". All other names are fine.
My custom sound file doesn't work and crashes the loader
VBR (variable bit rate) doesn't work with 5.3.2
recompile your sound file to CBR (constant bit rate).

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