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Descargar ReiNAND Mod 3.2

Changelog  :

v2: Added checks to make ReiNand halt when using an encrypted (Cakes ones) firmware.bin, or a N3DS firmware on an O3DS and vice-versa, re-added splash screen (it shows for longer than the brief flash of the official build, and boot isn't delayed if the splash isn't on the SD card), the 10.4 FIRM is now used for N3DS.

v3: Newest changes from the official build, implemented the 10.4 FIRM for O3DS.

v3.1: Code clean-up, ReiNand now checks (and eventually halts) the firm file to be correct before booting.

-Button presses don't need to be the *only ones* anymore (it's possible to have other buttons pressed that aren't the required ones).
- Added possibility to reverse the reboot patch behavior.

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