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Descargar PanGu Jailbreak iOS 9 1.0.1

Jailbreak para iOS 9 - iOS 9.0.2

Reported issues
  • Most tweaks that are reliant on PreferenceLoader don't seem to work just yet. (As of 11:45 pm Pacific time, October 13.)
  • If getting a Runtime error when launching Pangu 9: Go to Program and Features and uninstall Bonjour, Apple Mobile Device Support, and iTunes. Reboot Windows and installing fresh and latest iTunes.
Advice for a smooth upgrade from jailbroken iOS 8.x to jailbroken iOS 9.x
  • Write down a list of your favorite packages, or export a list using AppInfo or similar. (Technically you can try a whole-package-list backup tool like PkgBackup, but see step #6 for why you might not be happy with the result if you use that.)

  • Do a full backup of all your data with iTunes or iCloud (or your preferred method).

  • In iTunes, click "restore", which will upgrade your device to the latest iOS version available for your device. (Clicking "update" will make you lose some disk space until the next time you do a restore.)

  • The iTunes/iCloud process will ask if you want to load your backup - go ahead and do that.

  • Jailbreak!

  • Based on your written or exported list of favorite packages, try installing one or a couple of them at a time. Especially when a jailbreak is brand-new, it's very likely that many of those packages will have compatibility problems, and it's easier to troubleshoot problems if you don't install everything at once.
If people are receiving errors while jailbreaking (0A or other), try swapping steps 4 and 5.
eg 1,2,3 as usual, then:
  • Click "set up as new iPhone" on iTunes, then Jailbreak!

  • Once jailbreak is finished, open the device in iTunes and "Restore Backup"
and then do step 6 as above.
.My personal current theory is that if people who have a large amount of data on their phone, the "backuping" process is slow and wont work properly, causing errors. Therefore if you restore first, and then don't load your phone back up with data, but JB while it is stock, the process runs faster and smoother, then you can just load all your apps and data back when the JB is done.
How to jailbreak

You do not need to have your iPhone backed up on the computer you jailbreak with, but having making a backup prior to updating is highly recommended
  • Backup your device on iTunes

  • While that is downloading, go into the settings app and disable Find My iPhone (iCloud -> Find My iPhone, switch off and enter password)

  • Turn your device to airplane mode (setting is at the top of the settings app) (Do this AFTER turning off FindMyIPhone, otherwise FindMyIPhone will not turn off and it will act as though there is an incorrect password)

  • Run the jailbreak tool you downloaded in step 1 (Called Pangu9_v1.0.0.exe)

  • Plug in your device to your PC

  • The program should detect your iPhone. Click the 'Start' button

  • Click the 'Already Backup' button as you have backed up your device back in step 2

  • Let the jailbreak do its thing

  • At around 55%, your device should restart. When it finishes this you will need to unlock your device and enable Airplane Mode again.

  • It will do its thing again, and at around 75% the program will prompt you to unlock and run the Pangu app. If you can't find the app the try searching your device for 'Pangu'

  • In the app, click the 'Accept' button, and then click 'allow' on the popup that follows. (Yes it needs access to your photos!!!)

  • Let the jailbreak do its thing again, until it finishes

  • When it is done, go to the last page on your device, and Cydia should be there.

  • Run Cydia! You have jailbroken your iOS 9 device!!
Fixes for common errors
  • If you're getting error '0A' while jailbreaking, turn off "encrypt backup" in iTunes.
  • If you cannot jailbreak your iPhone running 9 with "installed iOS Public Beta Profile", please delete the profile first and then jailbreak again.
  • Getting the /usr/libexc/cydia/cydo error(2) error? You'll have to restore your phone and rejailbreak.
  • If cydia app is not showing up, open before you run the pangu app, then you run the app, grant access, and just wait.
  • If cydia crashes after jailbreaking, reset to factory, restore, and try jailbreaking again.
Answers to common questions

Q: What is PreferenceLoader?
A: PreferenceLoader is a jailbreak utility that lets any apps or tweaks you have installed to have their own 'tab' in the settings app. As this is yet to be upgraded to work with iOS 9, many apps will not work and/or have settings that cannot be changed
Q: I have jailbroken, what if I only have the Pangu and WWDC app?
A: Then the jailbreak didnt finish, try logging out from iCloud totally from your device.
Q: Why is Pangu.exe stuck in "please connect your device and press start" and the Start button is greyed out?
A: Please install iTunes on your Windows machine and connect your phone at least once.

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