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Descargar ARK For FW 3.52 MajorGas Bubble (V2)

Included NP.ISO is the necessary loader for ARK.

Follow tutorial here to install ARK ISO using MajorGas method:
For the above, you must have a base game installed from PSN, and it should not be a crappy minis,
and full PSP games with previous exploits may not work, but I haven't tested much.
In my tests, Pool Hall Pro and Numblast didn't work.

I have provided three separate saves, which have different patches/kexploit depending on the firmware.
For 3.3X, it is possible to create folders in ms0:/PSP/GAME/, but it has been patched in 3.5X.
Folder names should be self-explanatory for which one you require.

In the "menu" folder, you can choose the menu of your choice, current menu in ARK save is ONEMenu,
drag and drop the files into the ARK_01234 save so that VBOOT.PBP is at root of ARK_01234/.

To exit homebrew/ISO, hold button combo L + R + Start + Down.

To enable plugins:
Make a file called PLUGINS.TXT inside ARK_01234/.
Here are some examples for the format to use.

As you can see, the format is mode,path,switch

"game" should be used for homebrew.
"umdemu" should be used for ISO/CSO/PSN.
"pops" should be used for PS1 games.

path points to plugin.

To enable, you can use "1", "true", "on" or "enabled".

Thanks to the authors of ARK, Coldbird and Virtuous Flame.

This is not ARK-2 or ARK-3, it is the very first ARK, updated for later firmwares.

I hope I didn't forget anything, enjoy.

v2 (30/09/15):
Fixed bug in one of the patches, crashed some homebrew, should be fixed now.
v1 (30/09/15):
Initial release.

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